Engineering methodologies are applied with painstaking effort. We all know the drill. A proof of concept becomes a drawing board plan, prototypes are constructed and feasibility studies conducted. Is the mining equipment sector any different? Absolutely not, for there are equipment performance tests to run. Tailored so that the benchmarks maximize peak equipment efficiency, the […]

Massive machines are scrunched down inside working quarries. Seen from the road, assuming there’s an opening in the open pit, there’s at least one mountain of recently excavated aggregate climbing towards the sky. There are also large arrays of equipment encircling the stockpile. There’s a work face, where explosive charges and drilling equipment are breaking […]

On a large-scale mineral processing deck, moving parts orient themselves when aggregate loads drop free of vibratory feeders. Everything about the equipment feels kinetically charged, so there are motors buzzing and powered solenoids snapping shut. Still, among all the energized machine parts, inclined screens are performing their own role in the mineral processing sequence. Angularly […]

Imagine a world without copper. Without it, electrical wires and pipes would disappear overnight. Industries can’t exist without the malleable metal, nor can a thousand essential applications. Meeting their needs, the Olympic Dam mining complex, located in Southern Australia, mines over 200,000 tonnes of the industry-essential metal every year. Clearly, Australia has a vested interest […]

Nickel is the fifth most abundant element on our planet. Iron is more common, and there’s plainly more oxygen around. As for iron and aluminium, silica and carbon, these top ten materials all have their place. Their roles in the industrial world are all instantly recognizable. So, what’s nickel’s role? And why is nickel mining […]

Was there ever a time when mining equipment was primitive? Presumably so, but that time has long since vanished into the past. Take vibrating screens as one example of the modern era. The screens don’t simply quiver and shake at random. On the contrary, the technologically advanced vibrational mechanisms oscillate in a precisely controlled manner. […]

In mining equipment, all vibrating screens use some form of kinetic excitation. Linearly casting ore up and forward, freely vibrating screens use a simple excitation mechanism, plus gravity to move material, at which point the undersize is processed and the screening operation continues. Sets of springs reinforce the linear movement. Opting out of this linear […]

Rich in combustible carbon, mountains of coal once powered the steam engines that energized the industrial revolution. Even today, Australians enjoy their home comforts because 73% of all generated electrical power comes from this burnable mineral. Down below the ground, deep inside an underground mine, that coal seam sure is kicking up a lot of […]

When differently sized mineral loads need dynamic sorting, mining equipment manufacturers are on-site to recommend a best-in-class solution. The company representative talks about vibrating screens, but there’s no end to the different options. Working on contrasting operational principles, the list of equipment includes flywheels and counterbalances, plus scores of other potential configurations. Let’s hustle on […]

Brute force vibrating pan feeders are extraordinarily robust. Just look at the large horsepower motors, the steel-reinforced feeder troughs, and the larger-than-life springs. They’re built tough, as heavy machinery marketers like to say. All the same, it only takes an exceptionally heavy shock load, moving at speed, to cause damage. Now, limping along, the equipment’s […]