As higher volume throughputs force mining operations to play catch-up, older woven wire screening solutions are falling out of favour. In order to keep up with current and future demand, abrasion-resistant engineering plastics are being pressed into service. An engineered polyurethane screen, vibrating its heavy aggregate load, can handle abrasive forces that older screening solutions […]

For blinding issues on vibratory screens, look for a thick, mucous layer. It bridges the apertures and blocks them with dirt. Pegging issues are similar, except now there are tiny bits of material blocking the screen openings. But there will always be lumps of gunge in mining. It’s the same with solid material aperture blockages. […]

Ore sieving forces fall in line as soon as they reach a screen. At least that’s the theory. In reality, a few processing factors can adversely affect screening decks. Flow wetness is one of those factors. Bear in mind, this is a mining environment, which means there are uncontrollable geological elements in play. To deal […]

Mining equipment operates on the literal ragged edge of civilization. The gear is out there, in and under the remotest locales, providing state-of-the-art features. Built to function reliably under unpredictable conditions, the equipment shrugs off heavy impacts and high-volume abrasive collisions, all while delivering the very best productivity margins. Let’s see how a purchaser views […]

Let’s take a closer look at the variables that affect vibratory feeders. Remember, this is where the mining process starts, right after the aggressively effected excavation work has completed. The maw of the feeder admits a heavy stream of broken down minerals, the dual-excitation stage chews through the bulk material, and a variable frequency drive […]

Dewatering equipment is built to handle an unavoidable process side effect. No worries, though, a little groundwater is manageable. A pair of strong electrical pumps provide a fluid aggregate separation mechanism. On other sites, though, places where groundwater oozes out of every crevice, equipment suppliers know a working mine won’t stay viable unless a more […]

When pools of sludge overwhelm a working quarry, the site requires a dewatering solution. The equipment arrives, it evicts the murky water, and the sludge breaks down. On one side, exiting the machinery, solid components flow. They’re dry and manageable now. Elsewhere, ejected as dirty water, the separated fluid pools in a second location. It’s […]

The Australian coal mining industry really is powering ahead. Browse over to the controversial Galilee Basin project for confirmation of this assertion. Less contentiously, in countless large-scale coal mining facilities throughout Australia, high-quality vibratory feeders continue to shoulder their sooty loads. Raw fossil fuels enter feed hoppers, a pair of electromagnetic drives applies pile-driving kinetic […]

Just to drive the point home, grizzly feeders are forced to handle incredibly heavy shock loads. Of key importance, they continually operate under such abrasive conditions while they pass high volumes of feed material straight to an awaiting primary crusher. Keeping the uninterrupted throughput flowing, their vibrating mechanisms slip past one another, again continuously, all […]

Engineering methodologies are applied with painstaking effort. We all know the drill. A proof of concept becomes a drawing board plan, prototypes are constructed and feasibility studies conducted. Is the mining equipment sector any different? Absolutely not, for there are equipment performance tests to run. Tailored so that the benchmarks maximize peak equipment efficiency, the […]