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High Quality Vibratory Feeders from Hawk Machinery Help Optimise Mining Operations in Australia

No matter what industry you are working in, it is important to be able to quickly and effectively process your materials. Whether you are running a small mining operation or an expansive one, you’ll want to have high-quality vibratory feeders available to facilitate the job. In order to get the right product for your mine, […]

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Hawk Machinery: Your Most Trusted Supplier of Mining Equipment in Asia and Australia

Reliable equipment is a necessary part of any large job. If you are working on a mining project, you will need equipment that will do the job successfully. Hawk Machinery is a trusted mining equipment supplier in Australia and Asia. About Hawk Machinery Hawk Machinery has been operating in Melbourne since 1988. We manufacture and […]

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Mining Efficiency Begins with Quality Mining Equipment

Increasingly sophisticated equipment incarnations are cropping up in the mining sector. They vary their functions in real-time to accommodate harsh environmental forces. In some cases, instances where technology has really taken root, mines are transformed by telemetry recording sensors and automated systems. Given the successful adoption of such productivity-enhancing machines, perhaps equipment innovations will drive […]

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Single Mass and Two Mass Vibratory Feeders: What are the Differences?

Single-mass (Brute Force) feeders use the ground to balance their destructive energies. Bypassing this floor damaging feature, two-mass machines use inbuilt moving mechanical assemblies that feed off one another. Back with a single-mass system, dual motors and weighted shafts crank out-of-balance parts, and then a linear stroke is imparted. For a two-mass vibratory feeder, one […]

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Material Considerations in Buying the Proper Vibratory Feeder

The need to vibrate and process feed material exists across all industries. Even in the food sector, vibratory feeders ingest grain streams. The pharmaceutical sector is the same, with special feed chutes vibrating masses of tiny pills. For the mining industry, coarser material streams are the norm. On placing the emphasis of this post on […]

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Linear vs. Circular Motion Vibrating Screens: What are Their Differences?

Essentially, these two competing vibrating screen types have developed differing material sieving motions. For linear vibrating screens, straight line screening dominates, with the equipment deck moving rocky material forwards and backwards. There’s also an amplitude component in the mix, which kicks the loosely packed aggregate up and forward. Circular motion screens simply replace that straight […]

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Significance of Brute Force Vibrating Pan Feeders for the Success in Mineral Processing Industry

Just about every mineral collecting maw is equipped with “brute” processing power. That’s as it should be, for all of the natural resources chewed up by those heavy duty feeders are raw and unrefined. Frankly, it takes an expert to recognize these rocky chunks. Indeed, gulped down a vibrating pan feeder, it’ll take time and […]

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The Importance of Selecting the Proper Screen Media for Vibrating Screens

As higher volume throughputs force mining operations to play catch-up, older woven wire screening solutions are falling out of favour. In order to keep up with current and future demand, abrasion-resistant engineering plastics are being pressed into service. An engineered polyurethane screen, vibrating its heavy aggregate load, can handle abrasive forces that older screening solutions […]

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How to Reduce Blinding and Pegging Issues in Vibratory Screens

For blinding issues on vibratory screens, look for a thick, mucous layer. It bridges the apertures and blocks them with dirt. Pegging issues are similar, except now there are tiny bits of material blocking the screen openings. But there will always be lumps of gunge in mining. It’s the same with solid material aperture blockages. […]

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What are the Effects of Moisture in Screen Capacity?

Ore sieving forces fall in line as soon as they reach a screen. At least that’s the theory. In reality, a few processing factors can adversely affect screening decks. Flow wetness is one of those factors. Bear in mind, this is a mining environment, which means there are uncontrollable geological elements in play. To deal […]

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