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Yearly Archives: 2019

Common Problems in Vibrating Screens and Ways to Solve Them

Static equipment lines work efficiently in mines, although they don’t provide much in the way of additional flow momentum. In contrast, vibrating screens provide plenty of sorting impetus, but there’s more to go wrong. All of that oscillating energy, it seems like those vibrations cause screening difficulties to multiply. Of some concern here, as the […]

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Proper Selection and Sizing of Pan Feeder: What are the Things You Need to Know?

Limitations on pan feeder size can cost mining operations to experience profit slumps. On reversing this undersized configuration, oversized feeders might maximize a mine’s productivity flow rate, but now there’s the very real possibility of a volumetric overload to contend with as the high-volume material throughput accelerates. Clearly, to keep the feed from causing a […]

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Working Principles of Inclined Vibrating Screens

Gravity, that’s the “secret sauce” here. When inclined screens process high-volume mineral loads, the loose aggregate arcs upwards, then it angles outward and back down to the screening deck. Without that inclination angle, without the aid of gravity, the arc path would be thinner, not as granularly spread. Mounted on coil springs and pushed by […]

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The Importance of Heavy Duty Scalping Screens in Mining Operations

There’s an art to scalping and screening in the mining sector. Quarries also have much to gain here, too, but extracted minerals streams obviously require more fine-tuning. Those valuable earthen commodities require superior sorting solutions, right? Anyway, just as outlined in past posts, mining facilities place a lot of focus on the input stage. This […]

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Dewatering Screens and Its Specific Functions in Mining

Commonly used as a more efficient means of removing water from slurries, dewatering screens have been an essential facet in many processing systems. They are described as simple devices with either two counter-rotating vibrating motors or multiple mechanical exciters. They are considered a game-changer in their fields because they replaced older technology such as screws, […]

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Major Components of Vibrating Screens and How They Function

Mining facilities rely on vibrating screens for many mineral-stream processing roles. Somehow, the oscillating frames fold multiple duties into their workaholic frames. Vibrating decks sift and sort, separate and grade. Equipment manufacturers can even add dewatering functionality by furnishing the frames with a high ingress protection rating. Versatile indeed, let’s tear one down to see […]

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Common Problems Occurring in Vibratory Feeders

Feeder systems are absolutely pivotal to a number of different industries. From processing materials to mining them out of the earth, a vibratory feeder can help make the entire process go by so much smoother. While vibratory feeders are phenomenal machines capable of helping to haul materials across long distances, they aren’t without their own […]

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High Quality Vibratory Feeders from Hawk Machinery Help Optimise Mining Operations in Australia

No matter what industry you are working in, it is important to be able to quickly and effectively process your materials. Whether you are running a small mining operation or an expansive one, you’ll want to have high-quality vibratory feeders available to facilitate the job. In order to get the right product for your mine, […]

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Hawk Machinery: Your Most Trusted Supplier of Mining Equipment in Asia and Australia

Reliable equipment is a necessary part of any large job. If you are working on a mining project, you will need equipment that will do the job successfully. Hawk Machinery is a trusted mining equipment supplier in Australia and Asia. About Hawk Machinery Hawk Machinery has been operating in Melbourne since 1988. We manufacture and […]

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Mining Efficiency Begins with Quality Mining Equipment

Increasingly sophisticated equipment incarnations are cropping up in the mining sector. They vary their functions in real-time to accommodate harsh environmental forces. In some cases, instances where technology has really taken root, mines are transformed by telemetry recording sensors and automated systems. Given the successful adoption of such productivity-enhancing machines, perhaps equipment innovations will drive […]

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