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Mining and Quarry Equipment Global Supplier: Why Choose Hawk Machinery?

The mining industry relies heavily on numerous equipment and tools to carry out all mining-related processes. From the extraction of the ground to the screening of extracted elements, these processes must be done efficiently so that all resources can be maximised. If you are currently looking for a mining and quarry equipment supplier, you must […]

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Main Reasons Why You Should Maximise Dewatering Screens

Industries that require aggregate for their processes would normally use equipment pieces such as vibrating screens and feeders. These equipment pieces can break down feeds that contain solid and crushed ores down into smaller materials. They can also help separate different particles according to their sizes, ensuring that the products will be deemed useful for […]

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5 Types of Equipment Used for Aggregate Crushing

Aggregates are mostly made from materials that can still be used in various projects and activities. Most aggregates are comprised of stone, gravel, crushed stone, sand, and many more. These elements can only be used once they have been crushed into smaller pieces. One industry that utilises crushed aggregates is the construction industry. Whenever construction […]

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Three Primary Failure Mechanisms of Conveyor Belts

Most conveyor belts are created to transfer products in a straight direction. Others, alternatively, move and transport products by directional changes and elevation. The differences in the direction, elevation, and speed allow the conveyor belts to sustain the movement of the products. The continuous processes that are being generated by conveyor belts can affect their […]

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Horizontal vs. Inclined Screens: Choosing the Best Screen for Your Application

The construction, mining, material processing, recycling, and farming industries all know the importance of mechanical screening to their work. This process enables these industries to effectively separate raw materials from a crusher or quarry so they can obtain their needed product. And to carry out mechanical screening and get their desired products, they would utilise […]

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4 Ways to Effectively Maintain Vibrating Screens

Vibrating screens are known to be one of the most important machines that are utilised in various industries today. They can efficiently separate different materials intended to be either processed again for later use or transferred to other facilities. These screens can likewise process either drenched or dried feed, making them extremely valuable when it […]

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Things to Consider When Buying Mining Equipment

There are tons of equipment that are required in conducting mining operations, which is why companies must invest in a huge amount of money just to cater to their operational needs. Without these pieces of equipment, it would be difficult for workers to perform the extraction, feeding, and other related activities. When buying pieces of […]

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Working Principles of Hawk Machinery Vibrating Screens

Vibrating screens are deemed to be helpful for the quarry and mining industry. A vibrating screen is a type of equipment that can segregate and screen different types of solid or liquid materials. As the materials are segregated, the conserved ones are processed and sent to other equipment continuously and uniformly until they can now […]

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Fast Facts about Different Mining and Quarrying Equipment

To effectively extract and process all the materials from the ground, the mining and quarrying industry must maximise different types of equipment. But given the complexity and difficulty of the activities in these industries, these pieces of equipment must only be controlled and used by those who have enough experience and have the licenses and […]

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The Process and Limitations of Quarrying in Australia

Quarrying is a process of removing stone, rock, sand, gravel, construction aggregate, or other minerals from an open pit mine or the ground. These extracted materials are typically used to produce products that are intended for construction and other industrial uses. Most operations that revolve around the quarrying process are regulated by governments to reduce […]

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