September 24, 2015

The mining industry relies on geologists and ore-rich rocks to turn a profit. Active mine faces crumble under the pressure of diamond-tipped tools, zipping to the surface in varying rough-edged streams to be sorted and graded. It’s the duty of screening media and kilometres of umbilical systems to relay this raw matter to the surface. Conveyor belts and vibrating screens work in concert to achieve this challenging mission, the two bridging mechanisms working alongside feeding mechanisms and hoppers to funnel the precious aggregate matter towards its destination.

Inclined screens employ two assets, a dual configuration based on Newtonian principles, to shift and sort coarse material as it heads for the mine exit. In short, gravity and engineering geometry combine to lever the laws of physics, a dynamic that’s based on simple momentum. The mining industry may be rife with elements of high technology, but this is ore transportation at its simplest.

Inclined screens for mining applications may initially have the appearance of a passive vibratory screening stage, but the above factors inject a new dynamic into the process. The device typically assumes a one to three deck configuration, at which point the degree of inclination and dimensions of the deck are the next aspects to be addressed. Common inclination values vary between 10 to 15 degrees, but hi-flow models can slope by as much as 30 degrees. Used for scalping duties, moderate travel speed increases, and maximized material separation work, the screen media and its housing are built to robust industry standards to handle high capacity situations.

Unable to resist the combination of geometry, gravity, and vibration, inclined screens for mining have taken on greater significance over the last few years, a bottom-line importance that has seen dozens of supplementary components added to the gradient-powered sorting decks. Circular motion vibratory mechanisms and their associated bearings combine with double shaft centrifugal systems to enhance multi-deck screening across a shortened span. Hybrid banana deck panels partner with an incline angle to deliver ever greater options within the conveyance system. In short, inclined screens leverage the vertical and horizontal attributes of confined mining industry spaces, pairing the virtues of both planar elements into a diagonal configuration that’s powered by vibratory systems, an undeniably potent combo.

Adaptability represents the final component in the story of inclined screens for mining. High and low flow models exist. Angular calibration bridges these two formats, enabling the slope gradient to adapt to the aggregate stream, and wet or dry (lubricated) extensibility magnifies the aptitude of the gravity-driven component even further.

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