May 9, 2015

The bold wording makes this heavy-duty conveyance sound as if a battle is underway, which might not be far from the truth, but the pan and trough design of this mechanical assembly is sourced from an intelligent design. Immensely durable and fabricated from the most durable alloys, brute force feeders can funnel bulk quantities of fine or coarse material at high speeds. The result is an uninterrupted flow of aggregate matter that maximizes facility productivity.

The signature design that forms the one-piece construction of this class of vibratory feeder tends to stick with the pan and trough outline but a tubular form is also available on the market, meaning manufacturers are willing to experiment a little with the engineering of the feeder to increase its funnelling capability. Classifying the shape and funnelling features are one thing, but there are other specifications to classify before we can regard the product as fully explored. For example, leafing through a brochure of these high-flow feeders can’t properly express the mass of the product. Indeed, while one low-profile feeder can be compact enough to fit within a key section of a grain processing facility, the next will be large enough to tower over several trucks. The second example is a common sight at the terminating end of a conveyor belt assembly located within a large mining operation.

The scale of the feeder has been adequately defined, so this would be a fine place to delve deeper into the functions and applications of the machine. Twin-mounted motors configured to excite a shaft are the key to moving matter through the broad pan of the feeder. At this point, the arrangement might seem comparable to other feeders, but it’s time to once again underscore the scale of the flow entering a brute force feeder. Up to 2500 tons per hour can flow through one of these machines. It’s hard to visualize this astonishing feed rate and harder still to imagine a man made structure that can manage the impact. Brute force feeders not only cope with this extreme feed rate, they excel, using reinforced cross members to prevent the thick steel plates of the machine from bending.

Designed to deliver consistent movement of the roughest and rawest materials, the machinery integrates optional extras. There are fixtures for incorporating multi-deck screening media, variants of the plating that can withstand 900°C of metal buckling heat, and totally enclosed assemblies that are obviously designed for sanitary needs, making them ideal for food applications. At the end of the day, the keywords that come to mind when referring to the discipline of brute force feeding are bulk processing and consistent flow, but the versatility of the design also places emphasis on other factors, on durability and the eccentric rotation of the vibrating motors.

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