May 13, 2015

An array of perennial obstacles limit the conveyance of mined matter from active mine faces. These issues are related to the screening of minerals and coal, the sorting of thin currents of ore-laden material from abrasive coarse streams of rocks that are larger than a man’s head. The interacting forces established by these earthen currents would crush any hastily assembled mechanism, but engineering practices have subdued this machine-bruising force by infusing a fast and efficient operational dynamic within mining machinery.

A consistent stream of ore flowing from the central mining operation doesn’t happen by accident. Inclined screens funnel the matter forward, and eccentric screening solutions enter the equation to lend potency to the system. Here are some other components of this efficient configuration, a peek into the framework of a fast and proficient mining set up.


The funneling of loose matter would quickly grind to a halt when screens entered the assembly line unless some manner of mechanism was used to offset the slowdown factor introduced by intelligent screening. The media is endowed with additional width to gift the screens with wider lateral motion, but this solution only goes so far before the benefits are impacted by the diffusion characteristics of such extremely wide screens. The answer is to introduce additional levels, a third dimension into the equipment. Gravity feed machinery combines with this double and triple deck arrangement to blend advanced screening properties with other desirable features, such as a dip angle factor and the manipulation of spring supports to vary vibration excitement between the vertically-mounted screens.


Select a linear or circular system that accommodates the sorting of mine-centric matter. Already gaining popularity in other industrial applications, food and pharmaceutics are two fine examples, the configuration is adept at avoiding the type of blockages that are associated with linear systems. Additionally, the system can be inclined by up to 20° and the aforementioned multi-deck design is a natural fit for the assembly.


Angle inclination and mechanism design is a huge plus when pulling together the monstrous parts that will eventually form a fluently performing mine, but this is only half of the story. Even the latest machine, tuned and scaled to deliver a consistent flow velocity, is doomed to fail if substantial downtime is introduced into the machinery. Select these machines based on their capabilities and reinforce this selection process by anticipating maintenance issues. The best way to do this is to opt for synthetic materials that shrug off heavy impact and refuse to succumb to wear. Double up this maintenance ethic by asking the manufacturer about parts that are fast to swap out, thus maximizing this maintenance-free approach.

The high productivity cycles associated with today’s hard-working mines are only made possible by addressing the above issues and opting for tough polyethylene screens, synthetic polymers that pair with carbon steel crushing mechanisms to create a mining environment where metal and plastic work in concert with advanced engineering principles.

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