Fast Facts about Different Mining and Quarrying Equipment

October 20, 2020

To effectively extract and process all the materials from the ground, the mining and quarrying industry must maximise different types of equipment. But given the complexity and difficulty of the activities in these industries, these pieces of equipment must only be controlled and used by those who have enough experience and have the licenses and certifications to handle their operations.

Some of the equipment used in mining and quarrying processes are intended to do the drilling and the extraction proper. Others, alternatively, are used to move or crush the extracted materials. If you are part of the mining or quarrying industry, then knowing some important facts about the following types of equipment can be helpful for your current or upcoming projects.

Mining Drills

One of the most integral pieces of equipment that are utilised in mining and quarrying works is the mining drills. They can effectively help fulfill the whole underground mining operations by creating multifunctional holes. These holes can then serve as the portal of the miners to get in and out of the extraction site. Moreover, they function as a pathway for the diggers, loaders, and trucks for them to excavate and move the materials. The placement of blasting tools is also possible through the holes created by the mining drills.

Earth Movers

As the mining and quarrying processes continue, any loose soil and earth that are around the site will then be transferred by earthmovers from one location to another. Earthmovers are designed to effectively remove any overburden or waste material and create a workable and efficient mining surface. They do this by either pushing the materials or scooping them on a specific site before getting rid of them permanently. This specific equipment is typically used in huge mining and earth-moving projects.

Crushing Equipment

To effectively reduce the size of the extracted materials, the mining and quarrying industry maximises different types of crushing equipment. Crushing equipment helps reduce the number of materials on site. They likewise help break down rock and gravel materials to a manageable size before putting them on feeding or conveying equipment. Alternatively, other materials that are already crushed by this type of equipment are immediately sent and transported to industries that need them.

Screening Equipment

The screening process in mining and quarrying industries pertains to the sortation and filtration of needed products from waste materials. Screening equipment is typically paired with crushing equipment so that the material handling process can be done seamlessly. This type of equipment maximises vibrations to effectively filter the extracted materials. Most of the time, the useable and valuable materials are collected in a catching area while the screen collects the unusable waste materials.

Feeding Equipment

Any materials that are newly extracted from the ground are brought to the feeding equipment. This equipment will then transport the materials into the crusher, place them into the screening equipment, and sometimes circulate them back again into the crusher to achieve the needed properties of the materials. The feeding equipment, as well as the conveying equipment, are essential to the industry as they facilitate and control the movement of the extracted materials.

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