Hawk Machinery: Supplier of Mining and Quarry Equipment for Asia, Australia and Other Parts of the World

February 28, 2018

Mining and quarry work requires the use of heavy-duty equipment that is reliable and durable as you probably already know since you are in search of it at present for your own company. While you can find many suppliers of this type of equipment, it is difficult to know which one to rely on for quality equipment pieces, timely order fulfilment and courteous customer service. Fret no more due to the fact that our company, Hawk Machinery, is a reliable supplier of mining and quarry equipment for Asia, Australia and other parts of the World.

Information About Hawk Machinery

Our company has been in business in Melbourne since 1988. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying feeding, conveying, screening and crushing equipment to not only the extractive industries, but also for turnkey and plant-layout projects. Over the years we have honed our reputation to the point where we are known for delivering what our customers need in a quality manner. Our ability in CAD designing encompasses skid, fixed and mobile plant setups.

We Provide Our Products to a Variety of Countries

Another benefit of dealing with our company for mining and quarry equipment is the fact that we provide it to the following countries:


  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • Argentina
  • New Zealand
  • Chile
  • China
  • Burma
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

Examples of Our Products

Brute Force Vibrating Pan Feeders – These feeders are highly versatile and adept at maintaining, transporting and supplying a variety of materials including sand, aggregates, rock and more at a continual rate to an extractor or a crusher from various sources such as hoppers. We carry different models of these feeders and their capacity is dependent upon the model that you select.

Hi-Scalp Vibrating Screens – Machines such as these vibrate screens at a fast enough rate to separate wet or dry materials into different grades or sizes. You will need to choose the model of these screens that best suits your specific situation and setup. We ensure that all of our hi-scalp vibrating screens are durable and highly productive.

Contact us for further facts about our mining and quarry equipment that we supply to Asia, Australia along with other parts of the World. We will explain all of our products in detail along with their uses to help you choose the exact ones that address your needs in an ideal fashion. Also, we will quote you an accurate price on the equipment that you select along with any shipping or delivery charges that there will be to receive your order in a timely manner.

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