March 29, 2016

It sometimes feels like everything inside a mine is on the move. Rocks are sliding down walls and sweat is sliding down brows. Down among the machines, conveyors and screening decks are vibrating, which is okay as engineering plastics and rubbers offset the vibrations. They cancel the accelerated wear and tear associated with the blurring movement, but this is still a mechanism that demands periodic maintenance. Vibrating feeders for mining applications strive for maintenance-free operational efficiency, but spring dampening assemblies, rubber inserts, and numerous other wear-susceptible elements need care if they’re to function efficiently.


It’s likely that sharp edges and abrasive surfaces are passing at speed. Additionally, the eccentric oscillation of twin motors doesn’t help. The material gains energy from the pulsing decks and feeding plates, causing the edges to impact harder. The metal surface abrades, the plastic becomes pitted, and rubberized components wear. This daily check evaluates these components and projects their lifespan, at which point the machine should be taken out of service and subjected to a more comprehensive maintenance routine.


This unavoidable law of physics says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which really counts for something in a process where heavy parts are on the move around the clock. The variable force assemblies will loosen. Alignment issues will occur, and the weight-to-counterweight design will surely be compromised, resulting in winding heat leakage from the motors. Such chains of incidents invariably track all the way to the bearings of the motors, causing noise and friction-induced thermal events. Lubricate motor bearings. Check system alignment and belt tensioning settings to ensure drive slippage is minimised.


The springs and thick rubber inserts incorporated on vibrating feeders for mining gear are designed to absorb the shock of resonating movement, aiding in the next cycle while preventing the machinery from shaking itself apart. Check snubber assemblies and braking subsystems for efficient shock absorption. Extend this inspection routine to include adjustable support springs and wear on rubberized dampeners. When set for maximum efficiency, examine the oil for cloudiness and generally track down suspect wear events. Vigilantly examine parts that can’t be reached during a daily check.

The best vibrating feeders for mining work does indeed incorporate a healthy portion of maintenance-less mechanical surety, but this is a tough environment, one that can stop any machine, so keep a preventative maintenance plan in place.

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