Mining Equipment Durability: The Importance of Withstanding Harsh Environment and Weather Conditions

June 11, 2020

Mining is an activity wherein precious minerals and other geological materials are being extracted from Earth, particularly from an ore body, lode, vein, seam, and many more. Many companies have benefitted from this activity for a long time now since a lot of the extracted minerals and materials can be directed to other industries like production, investment, and even trading.

Some of the most common ores that are unearthed by the mining industry include metals, gold, coal, oil shale, limestone, gemstones, rock salt, gravel, and clay. This industry also extracts some non-renewable resources like petroleum, natural gas, and in some instances, water.

Common Types of Mining Equipment

There are a lot of tools and equipment that are typically utilised in mining sites. Each type of mining equipment has its own set of functions that make the whole mining process possible.

One of the most common pieces of equipment in the mining industry is drills. Drills are usually used for underground mining operations since they can help in creating holes that continuously descend underground. The holes and openings that are created by this equipment enable miners to gain access to valuable resources and haul them to the surface through lifts or skips.

Above ground mining, on the other hand, utilises earth movers to carry loose debris and materials from one location to another. Earthmovers can easily excavate, push, and transport soil and earth to various places on a site. They can also help in removing overburn or waste material. Earthmovers, together with bulldozers, haul trucks, and excavators, are crucial in the mining industry.

Two other pieces of equipment that plays a crucial role in the mining industry are feeder and conveyors. The feeding device can quickly screen and feed the raw material into the crusher, which makes it possible for the materials to have the correct size fraction. This type of equipment is also responsible for controlling the federate into the crusher for better crusher efficiency. The conveyors, alternatively, monitor the production output and inventory and regulate the loadout of materials.

Importance of Mining Equipment Durability

The processes involved in the mining industry can be difficult, especially if the operations are exposed to harsh environments and weather conditions. Debris damages on mining equipment are even common since a lot of rocks, sand, dust, and dirt particles can pass through them momentarily. These situations push numerous mining companies to take a lot of time just to find ways in reducing costs of repairs and maintenance of mining equipment without compromising performance and reliability.

One best way to ensure the durability of mining equipment is by installing them properly even at the beginning of operations. When you start your mining operations without installing and setting up the mining equipment properly, you will most likely end up fixing them almost regularly. Therefore, you must certainly set everything up before proceeding to the mining proper.

Additionally, investing in equipment that is made from durable materials can also help you sustain mining operations even under extreme environmental and weather conditions. They are manufactured to last for a very long time without the need for frequent repairs. All they need is to subject them under preventative maintenance so that the mining equipment can work all the time. With durable mining equipment, you can significantly reduce downtime, unnecessary expenses, and revenue loss.

The acquisition of durable mining equipment can certainly help you withstand the harsh environment and weather conditions of mining sites. If you are looking for durable mining equipment, just contact us at Hawk Machinery.

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