January 14, 2016

A handful of decisive factors places one mining equipment manufacturer and supplier in Victoria above the rest. There’s the principal need for high-end equipment, machinery that’s built from tough alloys. The gear has to work 24/7 without pause. Already, just on rewinding to evaluate these two manufacturing skills, you can spot the pitfalls that trip new mining equipment setups. A breakdown is going to cost the operation, and that cost is expressed as profit. The blame for the loss will ricochet down the line and end up squarely on the doorstep of the manufacturer. No one, not even the most reputable production company can afford that kind of a backfire. That’s why the top mining equipment manufacturer and supplier in Victoria must go the extra mile.


The reputable manufacturer builds to just barely meet the requirements of the mining operation, ticking off the function and feature checkboxes with fair to medium competence. Conversely, the conscientious expert, the service that excels, turns pride into real world results by producing equipment that’s built to exceed expectations. The materials used in the construct are built from the latest and greatest alloys and coated, when required, in engineering plastics that shrug off abrasive knocks and shocks without wearing down into a state that needs constant maintenance.


Mining conditions vary dramatically when equipment is sunk into the deep earth. Water and mud interfere with highly engineered components. Work conditions worsen as the depth varies, and productivity can be compromised. A competent mining equipment manufacturer and supplier in Victoria knows all about the sadistic nature of geology, which leads to the integration of even tougher housings into the already toughened feeders and screens coming off of the factory floor. Not only is the equipment exhaustively tested and precisely formed as customised housings, they’re also tailored to fit your unique work profile and packed with features that dismiss the dirt and mud. Finely manufactured dewatering screens or heavy-duty grizzly assemblies, the machinery just works, and it’ll keep on working thanks to a “no manual lubrication design,” a knack for knowing what’s needed, and a manufacturing background that goes back to 1988.

Hawk Machinery is built on these principles, on an established reputation that takes account of the grit and grubby nature of the mining beast. We design and produce countless forms of customised screening and feeding solutions, and adopt our own fixed, mobile, and skid processing outlines when supporting our hard-working front-line mining partners.

Screening Technology Pty Ltd T/AS Hawk Machinery

Address: 7 Lantana St Blackburn North Vic 3130
Contact Person: Bohdan Blaszczyk
Phone: +61 3 9877 7777
Fax: +61 3 9877 8177
Mobile: 0411 099 989


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