February 11, 2016

The concept of drilling a hole in the ground to reach hidden mineral reserves has been crisscrossing the globe since before recorded history but has always relied firmly on fixed assets. Mobile mining equipment, on the other hand, performs with the same dynamic and gritty action as its fixed contemporaries, but a single self-propelled mobile staging unit cuts the ties and adds pure momentum to the mix.


Underground mining complexes sink deep down to cover dozens of labyrinthine levels as we dig for valuable ores and minerals. It’s the same case with open pit mines due to the sheer diameter of the mine, the number of pit benches and access roads that stretch its footprint across the land. Mobile mining equipment shrinks this stretching landscape and makes the maze of passages navigable once more. Mounted on steel-reinforced frames, the gear processes abrasive rocks with great efficiency and returns the productivity that’s otherwise hampered by miles of intervening chambers and access points. Imagine a mobile crusher plant with multiple axles and a talent for getting to the heart of the work. Now, when the rich seam of coal tapers out, heavy mobile gear can be employed to relocate and restructure the operation, picking up the slack by rolling under its own power to the current source of mined material.


Relocatable by design, the productivity model of a mining operation remains consistently high when a wheeled or on-rails screening solution is on hand. The equipment is built on a remarkably robust mechanical platform, and self-levelling systems keep the apparatus aligned at all times, which means sorted material receives the same uniform sorting action as an equivalent fixed screening unit. Additionally, weight considerations, both of the equipment and the source screening medium, dictate whether the relocatable asset moves on impact-absorbing wheels, rails, or on an interactive track system that can navigate rougher terrain.

The opportunity to process raw materials on-site without resorting to a long train of conveyor belts is a tempting proposition, but mine configuration remains firmly in the domain of the management team. The duty of a design, fabrication and supply partner is to ensure the platform keeps moving and to support all of the mobile mining equipment as it trundles from one job to the next. Mines are going deeper and further than ever before, but the pioneering spirit follows relentlessly in the form of relocatable mining machinery.

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