5 Common Causes of Screening Equipment Failure

April 7, 2022

Some materials must be separated from one another. And since screening them one by one can take a very long time, industries would opt for machines that can simplify the said process. One specific machine that can help them separate one material from another is the screening equipment.

Often utilised during mechanical screening processes, screening equipment pieces can effectively separate raw materials from others before they are sent to another set of tools and equipment pieces. Due to the effectiveness of these machines, businesses that are part of the mining, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries have invested in screening equipment pieces.

If you are currently maximising this specific machine, then you already know how important it is for your operations. However, even with durable components, it may still fail. Here are some of the most common causes of screening equipment failure.

  1. Congestion of Materials

One of the primary causes of screening equipment failure is the congestion of materials. Screening equipment can only handle a designated number of materials at a specific time. Additionally, it can only be effective in handling several materials if the equipment’s amplitude has been adjusted. If the equipment is loaded with too many materials, its screen surface may become clogged. The congestion of the materials on the screen can then damage it. It can likewise break the beam and damage the spring.

  1. Slow Screening Speed

Screening equipment can be effective in separating the materials if it can work quickly. If its components work very slowly, it would be impossible for you to obtain your needed materials in a short time. Now, having a slow screening speed can hinder your operations from moving forward. So, you may want to check if the transmission belt is loose. If it is loose, you must then put some tension on the conveyor belt so that the machine’s screening speed can be altered.

  1. Distorted Screen Force

If the screen of your equipment has become distorted, it will lead to uneven feeding. Once the materials accumulate on just one side of the screen, the screening surface may break. This specific problem is caused by belt deviation and funnel blockage that may happen during feeding. To resolve this issue, you may want to install a distributor at the belt and adjust the distance between the funnel and the screen.

  1. Too Much Heat Release

Just like other machines, your screening equipment is expected to release heat after operating for too long. However, if the heat comes from the vibrator and bearings, it only means that the friction on these parts of your equipment is too high. Fortunately, the application of good quality grease can already lubricate the affected parts and components, reducing the amount of heat released.

  1. Odd Operational Sound

Your screening equipment will generate normal operational sound while screening and separating materials. But if the sound produced from its components has become odd, you may want to check the screening equipment right away. Some components that you should check include the bolt, spring, screen, and bearing.

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