5 Different Types of Conveyor Equipment Used in Mining

July 14, 2020

The ability of conveyor equipment to move heavy materials from one location to another makes it usable for the mining industry. The industry relies heavily on this equipment since it can support both heavy and bulky materials that are quarried and extracted from a mining site. The conveyor equipment, which is also known as a material handling system, allows faster transport of materials and reduce the need for manual labour and transfer.

Different companies in the mining industry have their own set of requirements and work procedures. Fortunately, conveyor equipment comes in a wide variety of types and designs that can cater to different applications and mining purposes. One factor that makes one type of conveyor equipment different from others is the type of material it can handle. Other factors that are different on each type of conveyor equipment are size and form factor.

For your guidance, here are 5 different types of conveyor equipment that are frequently used in mining.

Channel Conveyor Equipment

For a short-distance movement of materials, the channel conveyor equipment can easily get the job done. The whole design of this type of conveyor equipment is not that portable. However, it can easily deliver the speed needed for moving the materials in a mining site. Another good thing about channel conveyors is that they are affordable, which can significantly help mining companies save some money without sacrificing the quality of the material handling functionality.

Dribble Conveyor Equipment

Adding to the list of non-portable conveyors is the dribble conveyor equipment. Dribble conveyors have trays that allow the free-flowing movement of materials. These trays are also helpful for tasks that require bagging, packaging, and sorting of materials. One unique benefit of these conveyors is that they eliminate the need to clean up the materials after each task. Given these properties, dribble conveyors are suitable for less mobile operations and heavy-duty applications.

Dog Leg Conveyor Equipment

Dog leg conveyor equipment, as the name implies, has legs that can be adjusted to different angles. This included adjustment enables mining companies to set up and configure this conveyor more quickly. The legs of this conveyor also allow it to be usable at any given surface or terrain. Dog leg conveyors also come in different models and numerous sizes. The presence of legs and their wide variety of options makes dog leg conveyors one of the most convenient types of conveyors out there.

Stacking Conveyor Equipment

Stacking conveyors or truss stackable conveyors can easily transport materials because of their design and form factor. These conveyors can carry materials in one load since they can be stacked on top of each other. They are also reinforced with a truss frame that contains all components needed for the material handling process. The only thing needed for these conveyors is a flatbed truck as it will transport the conveyor to any site location. Stacking conveyors come in different sizes, lengths, and feature set.

Stackable Transfer Conveyor Equipment

On-the-road aggregate mining must utilise a stackable transfer conveyor equipment since it can easily get the material handling job done. This type of conveyor is portable, easy to stack on top of each other, can easily fit on flatbed trucks. One thing that makes this conveyor different from the stacking conveyor equipment is the absence of reinforced truss frames. Stackable transfer conveyors can hold materials high and maintain an outstanding level of productivity with only minimal movement.

These types of conveyor equipment can be useful in various mining situations. If you want to have one, just contact us at Hawk Machinery. We were established in Melbourne in 1988, manufacturing and supplying crushing, screening, feeding, and conveying equipment to the extractive industry together with plant layout and turnkey projects.

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