5 Remarkable Applications of Inclined Screens

October 25, 2021

Many industries maximise vibrating screens when it comes to their day-to-day operations. They primarily use these equipment pieces to classify products based on their size and other possible characteristics.

To date, vibrating screens can be grouped into various types. One type of vibrating screen that is popular today is the inclined screen. Inclined screens are known to be the most popular type of vibrating screens due to their cost-efficient operations. With their angle of incline and vibration process, inclined screens can quickly separate materials into different groups based on their size. Their working principles likewise enable inclined screens to remove debris and other unnecessary elements from the needed products.

Inclined screens’ working principles enable them to be useful in a lot of applications. Some of the most remarkable applications of inclined screens are as follows:

  1. Generating Aggregates

Aggregates, which are made up of crushed stone, gravel products, and sand, are vital to the construction industry since they are utilised in generating core building structures. With inclined screens, the materials, where aggregates can be made, are screened to ensure that they yield the products with compatible and desired sizes. Inclined screens can likewise form aggregates that are free from unwanted debris.

  1. Production of Coal

Coal is known to be one of the top sources of energy in the world. And as the mining industry continues to mine for coal products, inclined screens can easily help in filtering the needed coal for power generation. Similar to aggregates, inclined screens can also remove all the impurities from the final coal products, ensuring that their heating value can significantly increase.

  1. Dewatering Products

Some quarries and mines often maximise water to their operations. But once they have extracted their needed materials, all the moisture on the said materials must be removed for them to be processed further. Inclined screens, fortunately, can carry out dewatering, a process where the moisture from materials is removed and eliminated.

  1. Recovery of Fine Materials

Mineral and material processing plants often maximise inclined screens to ensure that they can recover fine materials from their products. Without utilising these screens, they would find it difficult to recover the materials that are essential for their operations. These fine materials may likewise end up getting discarded alongside wastewater if inclined screens are not maximised.

  1. Screening Needed Products

Another application of inclined screens is that they can be utilised in screening and sizing needed products. As mentioned before, inclined screens can separate products according to their size so that the final products can be generated. For inclined screens to be effective, the industries should consider the screen media openings, the number of materials that will be sized, and the description of the materials.

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