5 Types of Equipment Used for Aggregate Crushing

January 27, 2021

Aggregates are mostly made from materials that can still be used in various projects and activities. Most aggregates are comprised of stone, gravel, crushed stone, sand, and many more. These elements can only be used once they have been crushed into smaller pieces.

One industry that utilises crushed aggregates is the construction industry. Whenever construction companies construct buildings, roads, and other infrastructures, these companies would use crushed aggregates since they can easily reduce production costs and even increase the resistance of concrete.

To effectively crush aggregates, there are five types of equipment that are often used and maximised.

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts are used to carry and move the aggregates to the crushers. Most of the time, dump trucks that carry huge pieces of rocks would pour them to the conveyor belts before they begin to operate. As these conveyor belts move, their components will start to vibrate, helping them select smaller pieces of rocks and alternatively keep large pieces from falling into the crushers rapidly.

Jaw Crusher

A jaw crusher utilises an angled movable plate that can compress materials against the fixed vertical plate. As soon as the conveyor belt transfers the materials to the jaw crusher, the latter can start crushing the materials until the desired size is met. The crushed aggregates will then move at the bottom. This specific equipment is used in rock quarries, construction sites, and chemical industries.

Impact Crusher

Another type of crusher that can crush aggregates is the impact crusher. The impact crusher is often utilised after the aggregates have been crushed by the jaw crusher. This specific type of crusher makes sure that the aggregates are small enough for the use of specific project sites. It often maximises a system of wheels that hurl the aggregates against a hard plate.

Vibrating Screen

Once the crushers have done their respective purposes, the aggregates will then be transferred to vibrating screens. The vibrating screen has numerous layers of filters that would help sort the aggregates into different sizes. Aggregates that have finer sizes are filtered effectively. Once aggregates are sorted out, the facility can ultimately send different sizes of materials to different customers and clients.

Dump Truck

As mentioned, dump trucks often help in carrying huge pieces of rocks and pouring them into conveyor belts. But aside from sending the aggregates to conveyor belts and other similar equipment, dump trucks can also transport the crushed aggregates to various worksites and location. These trucks can certainly cover different project sites, particularly those that are under the construction industry.

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