A Quick Recap on the Types of Equipment Used in the Quarry Industry

July 7, 2021

Businesses that are part of the quarry industry maximise processes that can help them extract and remove rock, sand, or other minerals from the ground. They likewise convert the extracted minerals into materials that can be useful for construction and other similar applications.

Some notable products that different industries can obtain from the quarry industry are salt, coal, gypsum, common clays, and silica sand. What is common about these products is that they can be extremely useful in generating buildings and roads. The agriculture sector can likewise maximise these products in enriching their soil for crops. Even electricity can be produced through these products.

For the quarrying processes to be successful, the following equipment pieces must be present.

Stripping Machines

To effectively extract minerals from the ground or conduct surface stripping, the quarry industry must maximise stripping machines, particularly crawler tractors. With their front-mounted blades, these specific machines are capable of moving huge amounts of dirt. They can also tear through huge rocks thanks to their accompanying rear-mounted ripper arms.

Drilling Equipment

While a lot of contractors maximise crawler tractors, others choose to blast ground layers with explosives. These explosives, however, can only be planted if holes are present. Fortunately, specialised auger bits of drilling equipment pieces can quickly drill holes in the ground. Once the holes are present, the contractors can now place some explosives, detonate them, and move some earth elements.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders have hydraulic arm and bucket that are designed to load dirt and other materials from crawler tractor or blasting technicians. Aside from loading dirt and other materials, they can also be utilised in moving mined products into trucks and other modes of transportation. These loaders may come in a wide array of sizes and bucket capacity, allowing them to be useful in different applications.

Off-Highway Trucks

Off-highway trucks are huge trucks that can haul dirt materials on the ground. They can also be maximised to haul extracted minerals and other important earth elements. Once these elements are loaded, the trucks can then move them to specific locations for further processing. A huge amount of materials can be moved in a single run due to their huge hauling capacity and powerful engines.

Crushing Components

And to help the quarry industry produce vital elements from the ground, contractors should use different types of crushing equipment. Vibrators, jaws, fixed steel plates are only some of the few components that can help crush the hauled elements and generate the final product. These components can adjust depending on the needed stone and gravel sizes. They can likewise adapt to the production requirements of industries. Yard loaders, ultimately, are used to transfer the crushed elements into customer trucks.

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