September 8, 2016

When an expert engineering service promotes complete screening solutions, which words are being highlighted? The answer, not surprisingly, is every single word, but you might feel a bias towards “screening solutions.” After all, these two words succinctly describe product and intent. But don’t let the promise of a complete service fade into the background, not when the Hawk Machinery manufacturing process is the manufacturing source in question.


Engineering principles rise to meet every client’s needs, thus the backbone of a mining-oriented engineering service is defined. To this end, a comprehensive range of robust screening media is always ably accompanied by heavy-duty housings. That design principle extends to every element of the manufacturing process. Here, complete screening solutions from Hawk Machinery excel by adopting a design ethic that’s instantly recognizable. Computer structural analysis makes this uniform high-quality framework possible, with quality materials and high-tensile fasteners then using the compiled results of the study to manufacture screening solutions that redefine long-term functionality goals within the extractive industry.


The hi-feed grizzly feeders and brute-force feeders that spearhead the mining equipment catalog begin here, with manganese steel chutes and high amplitude drive motors efficiently sipping electrical energy when screening high-volume rivers of abrasive rock. The tough alloys are robust, but complete screening solutions from Hawk Machinery don’t end here, not when high-energy impacts can dent the strongest metal housings. Replaceable parts are essential, so expect replaceable wear liners and other impact-dampening assets on top of the already superbly armoured and welded steel sections.


Feeding mechanisms represent a huge investment, but the rough-edged mass of geological matter still needs to be screened. Screening media is available in many forms, although high-end solutions are now fabricated from engineering plastics. These heavy duty screens vary in size from manageable 3′ x 8′ frames to massive surge-handling 10′ x 24′ goliaths that can fasten quickly to single, double, and triple deck vibrating equipment. Designed for continuous operation, balanced motors and eccentric gear shafts direct the abrasive material towards an array of exactingly manufactured apertures, at which point the screening and sorting stage performs proficiently within, what is in essence, an extremely hostile environment.

It’s worth emphasizing the high-volume flow that defines the extractive industry. After all, complete screening solutions from Hawk Machinery begin by assessing these conditions and solving them. This is done by manufacturing equipment that can endure in the dirtiest mining environment, but the design, tough as it is, also matches every engineering specification, as supplied by the customer and any outlined productivity mandate.


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