Customised Turnkey Solutions and Projects in Mining with Equipment Accuracy

July 11, 2018

According to engineering dictionaries, mechanism-based turnkey solutions are defined as those that are implemented as end-to-end systems. Everything that’s required to make the equipment productive is preinstalled and prepped to begin its processing duties. In mining parlance, the equipment beneficiation work can commence. Equipment accuracy is the third member of the mining trio. The end-to-end machine layout must be productive, must be fast, and it definitely must be accurate.

Reviewing the Benefits of a Turnkey Equipment Solution

To stand at the forefront of the mining industry, mine owners are increasingly looking beyond piecemeal equipment systems. Granted, the gear will fit together, with one primary crusher processing ore while its secondary mate takes up the slack. Further downline, a pair of double-decker screening decks is mostly handling the mineral load. It’s an almost solution for an almost productive mine, this separately bought-in equipment, but it doesn’t mesh. Customized turnkey solutions, those intended for tough mining applications, are built from the mining face to the mineral processing stage so that every processing segment works in concert, not against each other.

Regulating Turnkey Equipment Accuracy

Picture a high-yield mine as a stairway. At the top of the stairs, the various crushers break down the discharged rocks. The next step down, secondary crushers and chutes further reduce the ore. Near the bottom of this descending flight of virtual steps, screening equipment works with dewatering units and feeding devices to separate prized minerals from useless waste. In a personalized and newly configured system, a customized turnkey solution ensures project productivity. Yield is high and waste is low because the feed rate of the first stage outputs a stream that matches the input rate of the next stage, and so on, ad infinitum.

Weighing Solution Practicalities

If the mine were to be deprived of a custom-designed turnkey equipment configuration, everything would be thrown out of balance. Perhaps the crushers received the custom-treatment work, but budgetary constraints sent the buyer in search of a cheaper screening setup. Now, because of that management-level decision, the screens are being overburdened by the hi-volume throughput, as delivered by the crushers. Furthermore, the pulverized rocks are still too large to be manipulated by the vibratory parts of the deck. In the end, a return loop is introduced, and a growing process inaccuracy factor has caused a secondary screening run, a move that slows down the entire facility.

As we can see, mining equipment handles uninterrupted streams, but those streams, at least if they’re to be processed accurately, are best managed by customized turnkey solutions. Planned and modelled as modular blocks, the final design locks together a number of volume-capable mining equipment, and it’s this unique arrangement that maximizes overall mine productivity.

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