August 19, 2015

Mistakes in mining tend to happen once because this is a tough industry in more ways than one. The engineering disciplines applied here need to maintain a razor-sharp edge in order to descend into subterranean realms and maintain productivity. This is an environment where only the best will do, a place where the best engineers, technicians, and equipment come together to keep the operation running smoothly.

It’s not easy to find the right personnel to work in a quarry or a mine, but there are carefully outlined techniques that simplify the process. You look at training and experience, at qualifications and the references that profile the employees’ abilities. In intelligently choosing the best equipment for your mining or quarrying venture, the same maxim is applied. Instead of references, it’s the reputation of the manufacturer that allows you to discern which products are built from superior materials. Following on from this approach, it just makes sense that an examination of competing manufacturers will lead to the right choice. But, if there are still some questions on the matter, let’s delve deeper into the issue.

Switching the perspective to the other side of this debate, the possibility of choosing substandard gear exists because much of the equipment looks similar to the naked eye. It’s only on looking with a keen engineer’s eye that the critical differences become obvious. A substandard screen uses media that isn’t built to meet the rigorous abrasion-resistant standards that are adhered to within the Hawk Machinery establishment. The alloys used by these lesser fabrication yards are graded for certain tough applications but not rated to cope with the dynamic forces encountered within a mine. The array of hazards found coursing through mines and quarries include raw chunks of rock and fine slurries of aggregate matter. Water and mud is everywhere, and the materials must be manufactured to robust standards that can withstand these mechanical and environmental challenges.

In lending credence to this issue, there’s an entire science dedicated to the maintenance of equipment inside subterranean complexes and surface quarries. The science divides the operational lifespan of such devices into three parts. There’s the initial burn in of the gear, the long-term useful operating period, a metric that eventually concludes in the shortened decline curve that is the wear-out stage. Opt for a partnership with the best equipment manufacturer in the business. Opt for Hawk Machinery when purchasing the gear that can withstand the abrasion and shearing forces with nary a complaint. As well as delivering the kind of low maintenance performance that minimises downtime and thus raises productivity, the equipment is guaranteed to defeat the mechanical forces found within mines and quarries. Additionally, flanking hazards such as chemical attacks and environmental problems are significantly reduced by the addition of tough polymers within this scenario.

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