Hawk Machinery: Your Most Trusted Supplier of Mining Equipment in Asia and Australia

August 19, 2019

Reliable equipment is a necessary part of any large job. If you are working on a mining project, you will need equipment that will do the job successfully. Hawk Machinery is a trusted mining equipment supplier in Australia and Asia.

About Hawk Machinery

Hawk Machinery has been operating in Melbourne since 1988. We manufacture and supply machines to companies in the extractive industry. We have developed a reputation for fulfilling our customers’ needs. Our ability to modify products to suit customers has contributed to our success. We have more than 800 machines being used by customers all over the world.


We provide equipment in a number of countries in Asia and South America. China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are a few of the Asian countries we serve. We are also operating in the South American countries of Argentina and Chile. New Zealand and South Africa are two of the other locations where we have machines.


We work to provide our customers with quality equipment, and we are constantly working to add new products to better serve our customers’ needs. These products are manufactured at our site in Melbourne.

The equipment we manufacture and supply includes feeders, screens and crushers. Conveying equipment is also available from our company.

Feeders feed material into crushers. The vibrating grizzly feeder is made to take heavy loads from loaders. Brute force vibrating pan feeders are used to feed large amounts of mined material. Other types of feeders include vibrating feeders with out of balance motors and vibrating feeders with twin shafts.

Screens are used to separate granulated ore by particle size. Types of screens include inclined vibrating screens, horizontal screens, de-watering screens and scalping screens. The mechanism of the inclined vibrating screens is lubricated with oil or grease. Vibrating screens are used to classify small rock pieces. The horizontal screens have a twin shaft that is coupled with gears. De-watering screens remove mud and sludge from material that has been mined. Scalper screens are used to scalp abrasive materials.

Jaw crushers are frequently used in large mining projects. These machines have two jaws. Rock is crushed between these jaws. Minerals are extracted from the crushed rock.

Other Projects

Hawk Machinery provides CAD designs for fixed, skid and mobile plants. We also work on turnkey projects and plant layouts.

The quality equipment provided Hawk Machinery will help make your mining or quarrying project successful.

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