Here’s When You Know Quarrying or Mining Equipment Needs Repairing or Replacement

December 1, 2022

To ease you into the choice, we here at Hawk Machinery have compiled a list of factors you may make before you reach the point when you need to determine whether it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your equipment. These ideas can be found below.

When you operate quarry equipment, you know that at some point, you will be required to either fix anything on the machinery or replace it with something new. This procedure doesn’t need to be difficult because you may make preparations for what will occur if you experience a breakdown, allowing you to minimise any potential downtime.

When Production Time and Cost are Compromised, Choose Repair

Even though the amount of time that passes between when equipment sustains damage and when it may return to its normal operating capacity is determined by various circumstances, repairs are often the more time- and cost-efficient alternative. This is because of the vast distance that separates Australia from other markets worldwide.

Mining enterprises frequently get their heavy machinery and other significant operational assets from vendors located in other countries. Because of this, placing an order for replacement mining equipment is a labour-intensive option. Businesses can often avoid additional costs, such as those associated with shipping and import taxes.

An alternate approach that may be used is to develop a working connection with a local provider of repair services. The operators may negotiate their requirements with an Australian company, obtain repairs that are as good as new, and have production restored to its peak in a far shorter amount of time compared to the amount of time it would take for an international import to arrive.

Repairing is the Most Viable Option for Custom-Built Plants

It could make more sense to fix the equipment rather than replace the complete setup when you have developed and built the plant to maximise productivity. This is especially true if the equipment was a more recent upgrade. If your bespoke quarry equipment is designed to optimise your company’s output, replacing one piece of machinery with another may force you to replace other machines that haven’t broken down yet so that the new machine can work with the existing system.

When a system is created precisely for your company, fixing an existing system is considerably more cost-effective than purchasing. Unless necessary, you should avoid causing more time and financial strain on your company simply because you desire replacement equipment.

Choose a Company That Suits Your Repair Needs

The equipment providers in charge of plant repair will already possess the expertise required to repair your equipment, and maintaining this vital connection can also pay future rewards. This is especially important to remember if you decide to modify your production method, which will necessitate modifications to your plant, or if a piece of your machinery has to be retrofitted to increase its performance.

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