High Quality Vibratory Feeders for Australian Coal Mining

February 14, 2019

The Australian coal mining industry really is powering ahead. Browse over to the controversial Galilee Basin project for confirmation of this assertion. Less contentiously, in countless large-scale coal mining facilities throughout Australia, high-quality vibratory feeders continue to shoulder their sooty loads. Raw fossil fuels enter feed hoppers, a pair of electromagnetic drives applies pile-driving kinetic energy, and synchronized weights kick the coarse solid fuel forward, into an awaiting feeder housing.

Australian-Made Vibratory Feeders

Everything’s bigger in Australia, not just the pests. In remote colliery applications, you’ll find some of the biggest land machines ever made, right here in the Australian outback. From gigantic bucket wheel excavators to monster-sized hydraulic shovels and 450-tonne mineral hauling trucks, the gear doesn’t get any bigger than the equipment used in and around the Antipodean continent. Therefore, for high-quality vibratory feeders, a capacity to absorb high volumes of coal is absolutely vital. The equipment in mind here has to handle fast feed rates while operating under the dustiest, most inhospitable conditions known to man.

Feeding the Australian Coal Industry

Rugged and entirely reliable, larger-than-life vibratory feeders chew their way through bituminous coal and lignite. There’s coking coal and thermal coal and every imaginable fossil fuel variety known to man flowing out of the ground. Knowing that no single classification dominates the industry, high-quality feeders adapt to deal with the differently gauged streams. They vary their upthrow angles and parabolic pathways, with the force-adapting mechanics coming from the asynchronous and synchronized weights that swing and piston deep inside their feeder housings. Made Australian tough, twin vibrating motors deliver unstoppable waves of drive force until the dusty black coal loads are processed.

An Internationally Desired Mineral Asset 

Sitting way back at the start of the equipment processing line, a high-quality, coal-eating vibratory feeder sets the pace for the rest of the crushing and screening operation. A less-than-capable rig spews over or undersized torrents, which choke primary crushers and jam screening decks. Tuned just-so, a consummately designed coal feeder delivers optimized reciprocating action. The gear processes the black mineral load reliably so that a continuous stream of optimally sized coal is dispensed in a predetermined manner, all the way to those awaiting haulage trucks and beyond.

Critically, and this is worth mentioning one more time, high-quality vibratory feeders set the pulse for entire coal mines. No matter how well every other screening deck and crusher operates, it won’t matter if this gateway machine isn’t functioning at its very best. As for the Australian connection, this is a nation that supplies coal throughout Asia. Those millions of tonnes of solid fuel burn around the clock in power stations and boilers.

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