How Can Your Application Benefit from a Dewatering Screen?

December 2, 2021

Different types of screening equipment pieces are being maximised in a lot of industries due to their accompanying functions. For one, they can easily separate one material from another. Additionally, screening equipment pieces can remove materials that are not needed anymore.

As mentioned before, a lot of industries use screening equipment pieces in carrying out their main activities. Some activities that can utilise these things are mining, recycling, farming, mineral processing, and aggregate processing. Most of the time, these activities process raw materials so they can gain access to the ones they truly need before they are sold or maximised.

If you are looking for the best type of screening equipment for your application, then you might want to consider a dewatering screen. Here are some benefits of dewatering screens that you can attain.

Generate Drier Materials

One of the main benefits of dewatering screens that you can attain is that they can yield drier materials. Dewatering screens are primarily designed to reduce the moisture content of materials. Once the materials are placed into the dewatering screens, they can easily achieve a moisture content of around 8 to 20% depending on their overall composition. These moisture content percentages are already enough to make the materials drip-free, allowing them to be loaded and transported without any issues.

Process Many Products

Another benefit of dewatering screens is that they can process many products in one go. The dividers present on some makes and models of dewatering screens allow them to process and handle multiple products simultaneously. This specific feature allows some applications to separate or blend a fine stream and a coarse stream, all without maximising another screening equipment. The ability of dewatering screens to process many products in one go can easily reduce capital and operating costs.

Handle Size Gradations

Aside from handling multiple products in one processing, dewatering screens are also capable of handling multiple particle sizes. Some screening equipment pieces cannot effectively process materials with a wide range of size gradations. Dewatering screens, alternatively, can process materials with different particle sizes just by tweaking their media openings. They can also handle different size gradations once they are paired with other tools like cyclonic separators.

Pair with Other Equipment

And speaking of pairing with other accessories, dewatering screens can truly help carry out your application since they can go with other equipment pieces. Most equipment pieces that can be integrated with the dewatering screens can produce drier products, capture finer materials, and permit better operations control. Cyclonic separators, as previously stated, can be paired with them to generate a wash system. Attrition scrubbers can also be integrated with them to eradicate undesired materials.

To know more about dewatering screens and their importance, you can call us at Hawk Machinery. We were established in Melbourne in 1988, manufacturing and supplying crushing, screening, feeding, and conveying equipment to the extractive industry together with plant layout and turnkey projects.

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