How to Choose the Best Screen Media for Your Screening Equipment?

August 23, 2021

When it comes to separating materials based on particle size, industries would now turn to screening equipment pieces instead of conducting the work manually.

These types of equipment cannot only separate materials accurately, but they can also remove unwanted materials from a particular batch of materials. They can likewise remove any excess liquid from products, ensuring that they can be very useful for their intended applications and will not ruin any business operations. For these machines to work, they would typically rely on gravity, motion, and the presence of appropriate screen media.

Choosing the Best Screen Media

The screen media of screening equipment is vital to its operations as it carries out the separation of the needed materials from a huge batch. Without opting for high-quality and compatible screen media, the whole screening operation of an industry may be affected negatively.

Several factors must be considered in choosing the best screen media for your equipment. One of the things that you need to consider is the type of material that will be screened. This specific factor must be identified right away since some screen media may only get damaged when used for certain materials. Aside from the type of material being screened, another thing that must be considered heavily is the characteristics of the material. Materials that will be screened may have various surface moisture, shape, and texture. Knowing these things can help you find a screen media that can handle them easily.

Other things that must be considered during the screen selection include the type of installation of the screen, preference over the type of screening media, the average operating schedule, feed rate, feed analysis, and the required size of the product.

Common Types of Screen Media

While several factors must be considered when choosing the best screen media for your screening equipment, you should also have some knowledge about the different types of screen media.

One common type of screen media is woven wire cloth. This type of screen media usually has either square or slotted openings and is typically made from carbon steel or stainless steel, making it great for fine to medium screening. Woven wire cloth can be maximised in carrying out processes such as dewatering, scalping, and sizing.

Polyurethane screen media is another option that you can maximise. It is made from a synthetic polymer and is filled with screen decks or panels. This type of screen media also has square or slotted openings. However, due to its primary material, this screen media is suitable for medium to coarse screening. Compared to woven wire cloth, polyurethane screen media is stronger and has a longer service life.

Other types of screen media that you may want to opt for are perforated plate screens, profile decks, and grizzly bars. To know more about screen media, you can always contact us at Hawk Machinery. We manufacture and supply crushing, screening, feeding, and conveying equipment to the extractive industry together with plant layout and turnkey projects.

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