How to Pick the Best Screening Equipment for Your Material Processing Project?

March 7, 2022

Material processing activities are essential among manufacturers as they help transform raw materials into finished parts or products. And to ensure that the end products will attain great qualities, specific equipment pieces should be maximised.

One of the equipment pieces that industries can use is the screening equipment. As its name implies, screening equipment is a device or tool that can separate raw or unprocessed materials according to their type, size, and other similar factors. The use of screening equipment can make sure that the right set of materials will be processed and converted into something valuable.

To date, there are a lot of screening equipment pieces that are being sold out there. And so, if you want the best one for your material processing project, then you must consider the following factors.

Stroke Intensity

One factor you should consider in picking the best screening equipment for your material processing project is stroke intensity. The intensity of the stroke can somehow determine the type of screening that you may want to carry out for your application. Coarse screening, for example, can work best with a long stroke. Fine screening, on the other hand, can already settle with a smaller stroke. One general rule, however, is that the stroke intensity must be aggressive without blocking the screen openings.

Angle of Incline

Another factor that you must consider in choosing your screening equipment is the angle of incline. While a horizontal deck can already allow materials to travel up to about 18 metres per minute, a deck that has a specific angle of incline can easily boost the materials’ travel speeds of around 27 metres per minute. A faster processing speed of materials may be necessary for you if you want to produce a lot of products. However, there are instances where processing materials on a horizontal deck can be more efficient.

Screen Media

Aside from stroke intensity and angle of incline, you must also consider the screen media of your screening equipment. Screen media is the part where the materials pass through. Opting for wire cloth gives you a screen media that is affordable, replaceable, and has a high number of holes. Rubber screen media, alternatively, can be great for high-impact and large batches of material. It may only have fewer openings, but it can easily resist larger abrasive materials.

Involved Materials

Of course, you cannot pick the right screening equipment if you do not consider and take into account the materials that you will process. Your material processing project may process materials that are different from other types of projects. And so, considering the quantity, size, shape, texture, and density of your materials can help determine the right equipment for your project. If you intend to process many materials, then you must opt for larger screening equipment. Fast screening equipment, alternatively, is necessary if you are planning to process tons of materials per hour.

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