Main Reasons Why You Should Maximise Dewatering Screens

February 14, 2021

Industries that require aggregate for their processes would normally use equipment pieces such as vibrating screens and feeders. These equipment pieces can break down feeds that contain solid and crushed ores down into smaller materials. They can also help separate different particles according to their sizes, ensuring that the products will be deemed useful for succeeding processes.

Another type of equipment that is known to be useful for mining, construction, and recycling industries is a dewatering screen. Dewatering screens are comprised of parts and components that can carry out valuable processes such as dewatering, desliming, rinsing, and scrubbing. They can produce drip-free products and handle materials that are needed for the mentioned industries.

If you are thinking of using dewatering screens for your processes, then here are some reasons why you should opt for these equipment pieces.

Generate Drier Materials

One main reason why you should opt for a dewatering screen is that it can produce materials that are dry and useful. Dewatering screens are designed to reduce the overall moisture content of materials without losing their qualities. The use of these equipment pieces ensures that the materials will be drip-free. These materials can also be loaded into a truck or bin without any issues or difficulties.

Handle Multiple Products

Another great feature of dewatering screens is that they can efficiently handle multiple products during their operations. Most dewatering screens can manage both fine and coarse materials and process them according to the preferred specifications and characteristics. The use of just one dewatering screen in carrying out the intended process can minimise the huge amount of capital and operating expenses.

Cater to Different Sizes

Dewatering screens will not only allow the handling of multiple types of products, but they can also manage to work with materials that have different particle sizes. These equipment pieces can be configured to process different materials no matter what their sizes are. And as the water flows through these equipment pieces, they can easily retain materials that are needed for subsequent processes.

Require Low Horsepower

What is great about dewatering screens is that they can run efficiently without the need for high horsepower. Whether they are running on a single motor or two motors, dewatering screens are expected to generate materials that can be used by different industries and worksites. Additional components can be added to ensure that these equipment pieces can produce dry products.

Minimise Maintenance

And despite processing different types of materials during operations, dewatering screens can work and operate regularly without the need to maintain them regularly. The only things that must be replaced whenever necessary are the screen media and the springs or buffers. Motors and other structural components of dewatering screens are expected to work for a long time.

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