Major Features and Applications of Brute Force Vibrating Pan Feeders

February 9, 2022

Vibratory feeders are short conveyors that are being maximised by industries in processing bulk materials in various stages of their operations. Through vibrations, the materials are expected to hop and slide on the feeders as they move in specific directions.

Different types of vibratory feeders can be maximised by industries in ensuring that their operations will be optimised. Most of them, however, are supported by hinged links, springs, or other force-dampening mechanical parts that all support a trough. One specific type of vibratory feeder that industries normally utilise is brute force vibrating pan feeder as it can be effective in bulk handling materials.

To know more about brute force vibrating pan feeders, here are some of their working principles, features, and applications.

Working Principles

The feeder tray motion of brute force vibrating pan feeders is done through the help of the eccentric weights mounted on their synchronised, counter-rotation twin motors. As the motors counteract each other, they easily help these vibratory feeders minimise any isolation issues that are common with other systems. Once their weights are adjusted, industries can expect changes to their feed rate too.

Now, to ensure that they can cater to the needs of specific applications and requirements, the sizes and styles of brute force vibrating pan feeders can be modified. Even their trays can boast varying options such as screens, cover, liners, and grizzlies.

Primary Features

One of the most notable features of brute force vibrating pan feeders is they are durable. The components used to build these vibratory feeders are made from rugged, heavy-duty materials, ensuring that they can withstand splashes, dust, dirt, and other hazardous elements in the surroundings.

Another major feature of brute force vibrating pan feeders is they have excellent stability. Thanks to the integration of the motors, they can ensure that the operations of these vibratory feeders will remain stable even after long operational hours. And speaking of operations, brute force vibrating pan feeders can likewise work quietly despite working for a long time.

Brute force vibrating pan feeders also allow users to access them easily, which can be extremely helpful during assessments and maintenance works.

Major Applications

Generally, brute force vibrating pan feeders can be very effective in feeding and screening large volumes of bulk material, especially in applications with limited feed rate adjustability. Additionally, they can be powerful enough to handle applications in hazardous environments.

Industries that can maximise these vibratory feeders efficiently include coal or stone processing, scrap recovery, and recycling.

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