November 17, 2016

Casual observers can’t be held accountable for their opinions, not even if they believe a mining complex is just a bunch of conveyors and a pile of sorted rock. Equipment manufacturers and suppliers, on the other hand, well, they know better. They understand mining equipment precision and accuracy. Let’s illustrate that understanding with an exploratory look at the meticulous nature of excavation equipment.


Speed and productivity are two of the bywords of the mining industry, but they’re never applied haphazardly, for the resulting waste factor would be unacceptable. Instead, new tools and new screening solutions facilitate productivity by precisely sizing the diameter of the aperture array. This rank and row arrangement is then efficiently regulated by a vibratory mechanism. General wear and tear problems work their way into the material, but tough engineering plastics temper this effect, thus granting the mechanism an invaluable regulated flow feature. Consequently, a three phase screening approach is properly supported by incorporating the intelligently mounted plastics and other relevant media. Essentially, an accurate screening cycle embraces the layered, basic, and sharp screening process by implementing the right media on the right deck of the screening station.


Far from being defined by the dirty conditions that exist in a working mine, the installation biases itself towards smartly realized technological solutions and innovative machinery. Oscillating screens with large apertures are located at one end of this machine spectrum. At the other end, micron-sized media arrays snap out for substitution on multi-level decks. The vibrating machinery works very well here, but so do the newly incorporated ultrasonic systems that vibrate the aggregate matter at a precise frequency.


None of the earlier tools we’ve just covered should be expected to work on their own, which is why mining equipment and precision programs begin right at the source. Top-notch feeders and crushers no longer mindlessly spew high-volume streams into hoppers. Vibratory elements imbue them with control, the ability to funnel the discharge. Heavy-duty bearings and massive spring-loaded counterweights make controlled feed mechanisms an essential part of any hard-working mining complex.

Material design and heat treatment technology inject tough plastics and super-tough alloys with durability. The plastics then add intelligently designed pliability to the mix. Mining equipment precision and accuracy takes its lead from this innovative design practice by adding new direction-oriented features to the toughened gear, features that target productivity while eliminating speed-induced wastage.


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