Mining Equipment Supplier: Mining Processes and Their Required Equipment

April 26, 2023

Hawk Machinery is a mining equipment supplier because we understand that manufacturing mining process equipment is significantbecause the mining sector is important to meet the demands ofmodern living. This business provides a wide range of heavy mining equipment to satisfy the demands of either underground or surface activities.The mining industry is one of the most important components of contemporary civilisation since mined minerals are used in practically every consumer product. Moreover, 50% of the country’s energy comes from coal or nuclear power, both of which require uranium. Mines may be located all around Australia to meet contemporary equipment needs.

Melbourne Mining

The mining industry in Melbourne is the area’s largest export sector. Valuable minerals, including gold, copper, and silver, are well-known mining resources. Yet, the government also takes many other things from the ground, such as minerals needed in buildings and consumer items.Gravel, sand, gypsum, and limestone are examples of building materials extracted. These items contribute to constructing buildings and infrastructural components essential for contemporary living.

Melbourne mining operations also directly benefit consumers. Minerals such as iron, molybdenum, and lithium are essential components of automobiles, computers, electronics, and other everyday advancements. Electronics and exquisite jewellery also use gold, copper, and silver.Mining may also provide energy. Mining can collect heat from the soil to help generate power using Melbourne’s abundant geothermal energy resources.

Types of Mining and the Equipment Required

Mining can take place either on the surface or below. The environment determines the mining type required, the equipment utilised, and the material mined. There are three major phases in both surface and underground mining:


It is the process of removing resources from a mine site by drilling, blasting, or excavating.Material handling includes sorting and loading commodities for transport to a disposal location or a processing plant.

  • Material processing: The last phase is grinding, sorting, crushing, refining, and smelting mined ore or other materials at an off-site factory to produce finished goods.

Surface Mining

The surface mining process is most frequent for non-fuel minerals, accounting for 97% of the total quantity extracted. Miners use surface extraction for minerals that are near the surface.On the surface, there are three basic methods of mining. Quarrying, open-pit mining, and strip mining are examples of these processes.

Miners may cut hard stone blocks for decorative reasons, such as granite, for architecture when quarrying. Quarrying may also refer to extracting gravel, crushed stone, and sand using procedures comparable to open-pit mining.

Open-Pit Mining

It entails digging a hole in the earth from which miners collect the required material. Miners may use this technology to recover silver from the soil. Underground silver mining is another method. The first stage in constructing an open pit occasionally destroys a hilltop to reveal the rocky elements beneath. Rotating drills are utilised to make the holes for inserting the explosives in this operation.

Strip Mining

It is the third form of surface mining, typically collecting thin layers of coal from near the surface. Because coal is not a major mining commodity in Melbourne, strip mining helps fill out the three forms of surface mining employed globally.This mining begins with removing vast swaths of surface material, known as overburden. The initial overburden strips are located outside of the mining site. After mined goods are extracted from the initial strip, the newly formed pit will contain deposits of future strips of overburden taken from the mine. Contour strip mining on steep terrain necessitates shovels or dozers to remove overburdened strips in terraces around the hill. On flat terrain, area strip mining using draglines or scrapers will suffice.

Mining Underground

Minerals, ore, metals, or other items found deep underground necessitate distinct extraction processes. Mining can entail hard and soft rock, requiring different instruments to remove the resources. For example, the instruments used to excavate soft materials may not be powerful enough to cut through strong rock.Underground mining equipment includes automating procedures and adopting zero-emission cars to keep miners safe.

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