Primary Reasons Why You Should opt for Dewatering Screens

October 11, 2021

Businesses that are part of the extractive industry often extract raw materials from the ground through drilling, pumping, quarrying, and mining. And to ensure that these materials can be processed effectively, they would normally maximise tools that can crush, screen, feed, and convey them.

Given the effectiveness of the tools used by the extractive industry, plant layout and turnkey projects also maximise them in processing different materials. Some of the tools that are being utilised by these businesses and projects include vibrating pan feeders, vibrating grizzly feeders, inclined screens, and horizontal screens. These screening equipment pieces can easily separate one material from another, ensuring that the end-product can boast the needed qualities.

But apart from these tools, businesses can also opt for dewatering screens. If you want to process your raw materials accurately, then here are some reasons why you should go for dewatering screens.

Associated Versatility

One of the primary reasons why you should opt for dewatering screens is that they are versatile. Dewatering screens can carry out a lot of applications, making them preferable by many businesses in the extractive industry. Some of their notable applications are dewatering, desliming, scrubbing, sizing, and rinsing. Aside from their wide array of applications, dewatering screens are known to be versatile since they can handle different types of products. From sand to crushed aggregates, these vital tools can process them and yield drip-free products that are needed by businesses.

Multiple Operations

Another great reason why dewatering screens is great for your business is that they can save you a lot of resources. Dewatering screens are capable of handling multiple products in one go. Their existing longitudinal dividers allow them to process or dewater three products on just one screen. They can likewise carry out a two-stream process wherein their parts can either separate or blend fine and coarse streams. Their ability to handle multiple operations can help you reduce operating costs and duration.

Diminished Moisture

Most feeders and screens can be effective in separating specific products. However, they cannot reduce the moisture content of these products significantly. Some models of dewatering screens, fortunately, can almost cut the moisture out of the materials being processed and dewatered. While the dewatering power of these screens can still depend on the physical characteristics of the materials being processed, they are still more effective and more efficient compared to others. They are even preferred if materials will be put on conveyors, loaded on trucks, or transferred to other equipment pieces.

Minimal Maintenance

One more reason why dewatering screens can be great for you is that they only require minimal maintenance. Unlike other tools that require expensive upkeep, dewatering screens are designed to last for a long time. The only components that need to be maintained or replaced whenever necessary are the screen media, springs or buffers, sideliners, and discharge lip.

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