Replace or Repair? Deciding What To Do To Your Quarry Equipment

October 10, 2022

When you operate quarry equipment, you know that at some point, you will be required to either fix anything on the machinery or replace it with something new. This procedure doesn’t need to be difficult because you may make preparations for what will occur in the event that you experience a breakdown, which will allow you to minimise any potential downtime.

To ease you into the choice, we at Hawk Machinery have compiled some pointers on determining if it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your equipment, as well as some considerations you may make well before you reach that point.

Thinking About Downtime And The Costs Of Both Options

When it comes to mineral processing equipment, there are a lot of potential sources of irritation. When anything breaks down, it might feel as if your output must come to a complete standstill before you can even begin to think about the problem. In the long run, it might be beneficial to your situation to have some strategies worked out for what you would do in the event of a breakdown in your equipment.

Considerations for Replacement

Consider how much downtime your business can withstand before making any decisions. The downtime required for a complete replacement of quarry equipment is often more than that required for repairs. When you need to replace your equipment, you have to decide whether to buy new or used machinery, and these two options will have distinct long-term financial implications for you. When you purchase new equipment, you may anticipate a larger upfront expenditure, but you will have fewer breakdowns and need fewer repairs soon. It is important to keep in mind that depending on what the issue is, changing the equipment used for crushing, screening, and conveying might entail either replacing a single component of the system or the entire system.

Considerations for Repair

Used machinery may be purchased for less money, but it may also require frequent maintenance and repairs. The cost of the repairs or the replacement components themselves is, of course, another factor to consider. If you choose to repair your equipment instead of replacing it, you will probably have less downtime and fewer expenditures. However, unless you pick the ultimate service offered by our knowledgeable technicians at Hawk Machinery, you may also run into further problems in the future.

In contrast to many other parts of running a business, our service provides assistance in budgeting for the cost of repairs or replacements to quarry equipment before an emergency occurs. When you rely on our services, we will travel to your location, bring our professional knowledge with us, and install, set up, or repair most of the aggregate, quarry, or other mineral processing equipment you might need. By creating a contingency plan tailored to your organisation’s requirements, you can lessen the impact of repairs and downtime on your firm.

When the time comes, having reasonable expectations about how frequently you will need to replace components or conduct repairs on your equipment will help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the situation. Discuss what you and your production managers believe will be most beneficial for your company if anything unavoidable occurs. You already know what’s best for your operation.

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