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The average person regards Safety and Maintainability of Mining Equipment with understandable befuddlement. They know that valuable commodities are chiselled out of the earth and conveyed to a waiting processing facility, but not much is understood about what happens between these two important stages. The answer isn’t likely to resolve into one or two sentences, but if we were to try, well, we’d say that everything is on the move. In fact, this long train of hard-working gear rarely stops, not unless it needs to be maintained.


There’s a dynamic but incredibly harsh interface that exists at the raw edge of the mining industry. The mining equipment in this inhospitable environment fights the geology of the area for dominance. Toughened steel alloys are heat treated to feed high volumes of rock to special screening decks, all of which are moving synchronously in order to further separate the rocky stuff into sized streams. Maintainability is tough in this situation, but it’s entirely possible thanks to the design practices that account for such system-fatiguing influences.


When intelligent design profiles shape mechanical housings, the object is to create a powder and fluid barrier, but it’s a barrier that also features premier operating parts. A maintenance-free build uses vibration-resistant fasteners. This system asset is supported by grease and oil housings that supply bearings with lubrication. Again, the goal is to keep as much of this equipment on the move around the clock as possible, so all moving parts must have access to a lubricating agent, a fluid that’s held in reserve so that reciprocating screen motors and conveyor pulleys can function at peak efficiency from sunset to sunrise.


System congruity stems from the aforementioned mining equipment maintainability question, which simply means that a top-notch equipment solution brings a bonus-boosting safety margin feature into the mix. One attribute influences the other, so high-quality screening decks, as one example, use sealed joints, toughened supplementary safety guards, and mechanical assemblies that favour our maintenance-free model. Breakdown incidents and stoppage periods are scarce due to this build, plus safety-centric operability is duly emphasized.

A handful of peer-certified documents estimates that there is a direct correlation between maintainability and safety, especially in the mining sector. Some figures surmise a thirty-percent increase in site injuries when machinery maintenance is overlooked. Diligent mining machinery manufacturers reduce this statistic by injecting a powerful maintainability factor into mining equipment.

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