Screening in Mineral Processing and The Importance of High Quality Screening Equipment

April 8, 2020

Screening plays a significant role in a lot of industries. It separates the valuable minerals and materials from the waste rock, debris, and other excessive elements that are not needed for further processing. This process mostly occurs in a huge variety of industries like mining, mineral processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, and recycling.

Screening in Mineral Processing

Both the mining and mineral processing industry hugely utilise the screening process since it can effectively separate and filter out important minerals from the newly extracted materials. Once the minerals are filtered and separated from excess materials, they will be processed further depending on their commercial use.

To make the mineral processing possible, it would require one pivotal equipment – the screening machine. This machine contains a drive that induces vibration, a screen media that causes separation of particles, and a deck that holds the screen media and the drive. This particular deck also serves as the mode of transport for the vibration movement.

The efficiency of the screening process relies on several factors. These factors include vibration, g force, bed density, and material shape. Electrostatic forces like water and dry material can also affect the screening efficiency.

Benefits of High-Quality Screening Equipment

Using high-quality screening equipment is very important in screening minerals since they can give you a lot of benefits. One of the benefits of using high-quality screening equipment is that it can effectively produce minerals with your desired particle distribution or characteristics. Another benefit of using them is that they can remove fines and finished products before an additional reduction step.

High-quality screening equipment also lets you protect process equipment and maintain the finished characteristics of a product. They can also be used for splitting the feed stream between separate processing lines. Another benefit of using high-quality screening equipment is they ensure plant maintenance and cleanliness since all fine material will be removed right away from the process and be treated separately.

Lastly, the use of high-quality screening equipment can reduce operational costs and increase the plant capacity for processing and screening minerals.

Different Screening Equipment Options

Screening equipment nowadays varies depending on your needs.

  • Vibrating Pan Feeders: Vibrating pan feeder can be suspended or foot-mounted depending on application requirements and plant configurations. They can also provide an even and controllable flow of material to crushers, screens, mills, scrubbers, and conveyors.
  • Grizzly Feeders: The vibration of grizzly feeders allows the materials to slip and sling on the funnel. Once the materials pass the screening part, only the smaller parts will fall further in the crushing process. These feeders are designed for mobile, portable, stationary, and continuous screening of any hard and abrasive materials.
  • Horizontal Screens: Horizontal screens offer great accuracy in particle sizing since the material is retained on the screen longer, allowing slower travel rate to the end of the screen. This setup and orientation of horizontal screens allow more properly sized material to fall through the screen openings.
  • Inclined Screens: Inclined screens are perhaps the most popular type of screening equipment. These screens are well-known since they can easily be adjusted to improve overall screening performance and efficiency. Their ability to change in slope, speed, stroke and direction of rotation allows them to be customised according to their intended application.

Using high-quality screening equipment enables you to perform the screening process without affecting the quality of your products. If you have more questions about the whole screening process and equipment, just contact us at Hawk Machinery. We have been manufacturing and supplying our clients in Melbourne different types of crushing, screening, feeding, and conveying equipment since 1988.

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