October 7, 2015

Surface and underground mines are one-of-a-kind structures. The dig will stick with certain mining conventions and safety standards, but the internal profile assumed by the mine is subject to the whims of geology. Every chamber and shaft has to follow the ore seam or mineral vein, diverting past obstacles as it must.

This is all part of the adventure, a situation that’s integral to the mining process. And, while engineers manufacture incredibly diverse machines for all kinds of industries, a mining complex has a unique footprint, an organic layout that’s dominated by mud and clay. The engineering conundrum in this subterranean world is that much tougher on design engineers because form if not function is subject to ongoing modifications in order to manufacture equipment that can fit in this ever-changing realm. More than this, environmental factors are eternally in flux, and so then is the machinery as load capacities and screening media alters to cope with mine yield fluctuations.

Only a mining equipment supplier with a reputation for versatility should ever entertain working in this dynamic extractive enterprise. Custom built equipment is the order of the day down here, simply because that specially sized machine can’t just be found on a shelf and shipped without any modifications. The geometry of the chamber, the type of ore or mineral, the changes in capacity or flow rate, all of these factors and more are hand tailored into the product by engineers with an aptitude for customizing a product until it fits a client’s requirements.

The mining industry has been sadly disparaged by media sources, turned into little more than a two line description of an amazing spectacle. The truth is quite different from tales of scooping ore and conveying the commodity-heavy rock to the surface. Vibratory screens and multi-level machinery sorts and rejects the aggregate, creating a process that depends on highly adaptive mechanisms. The mining equipmentused in this labyrinthine world is made-to-order to keep the system flexible. Hi-flow dewatering stages are added or subtracted as decided by the onsite engineer. Material stress undermines the modifications, resulting in further customization work. Rubber and polyurethane rail guards band with strengthened screen media to cancel transitioning geological forces. And all of these mechanisms, diverse though they may be, must work in concert.

The chaotic nature of subterranean geology is balanced by the versatile customization skills of top-notch engineers as they expertly modify mining equipment to satisfy any customer requirement.

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