February 29, 2016

It’s estimated that roughly a quarter of all mining fatalities are caused by heavy machinery, the mining equipment workers use to extract minerals and ore from hard rocks. This is a dangerous occupation, one that doesn’t need complications from poorly maintained gear. The tools of the trade, heavy equipment and all, must be responsibly repaired and conscientiously maintained. More than this, the manufacturer’s ethic has to adhere to certain quality standards. The equipment is therefore built to exacting standards.

Material toughness forms the backbone of this philosophy, but so does the innards of the products. Electrical circuitry is built from military grade integrated components. The bearings of gears and motors are lubricated and built to run around the clock without submitting to friction. Constructed from high-end concentric rings and alloy-reinforced rolling components, those same bearings are protected by special seals and double-reinforced housings. The purpose of all this added protection is to stop environmental factors from penetrating smoothly operating mechanical parts. The purpose of the high-performance electrical circuitry and mechanical assemblies is fairly similar, except an element of redundancy is added to the mix. Doubled-up pumps and screening motors keep precious real estate in the mine free while providing backup options for a business that can’t afford a profit-eating stoppage.

The concepts covered so far place a spotlight on productivity and maintenance-free equipment. Lubricated housings and modular assemblies allow the gear to be replaced without bringing the whole mine to a halt. That same mindset applies even more so when protecting human life, especially if we weigh our opening statistic against worker safety. Trained to operate the equipment in one of the most challenging environments on the globe, miners focus on operating the equipment, but each trained operative also has to remain aware of potential safety hazards in the area. That’s a tough proposition, one that needs help in the form of dependable mining equipment. Remember, fine clouds of coal dust and floating puffs of particulate matter are filtering through closed chambers. The air is sticky and humid, and water is dripping onto the gear. We can’t make the hazardous environment disappear, but we can control man’s technology and engineering gear by sending properly working machinery to reinforce that all-important safety factor.

Smarter processes and intelligent automated mining equipment helps cut safety concerns, but the thin edge of the operating wedge is still formed by big grinders and screening gear, equipment that must be quality-assured to operate safely and productively.

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