The Significance of Automatic Lubrication in Mining Equipment

August 6, 2021

The mining industry maximises a lot of equipment pieces in carrying out its main operations and processes. From extraction to the processing of materials, the said industry should always have all its tools and machines maintained to avoid costly mistakes and setbacks.

Some tools and machines that require regular upkeep and maintenance are mining drills, earthmovers, crushing equipment, and feeding and conveying equipment. What is common about these things is that they have components that move all the time. And with constant movement, several of their components would require lubrication to prevent unexpected downtimes and failures.

Fortunately, automatic lubrication is now available to help the mining industry carry out its processes. With automatic lubrication, the following benefits can be obtained by various mining equipment.

Prolonged Service Life

One benefit of automatic lubrication in mining machines and tools is that it can prolong their service life. Automatic lubrication can continuously provide the right amount of lubricant to mining equipment pieces, preventing their components from rubbing against each other and damaging their surfaces. Since the metal-to-metal contact of the components is prevented with this type of lubrication, the service life of these machines and tools is expected to extend significantly.

Lessened Downtimes

Another known benefit of adding automatic lubrication in mining machines and tools is it decreases sudden operational downtimes. The industry of mining heavily depends on the performance of its machines and tools. If these elements suddenly fail to work or operate, then the revenue in a single day can easily decrease. The integration of automatic lubrication, alternatively, can lessen downtimes and ensure that the mining equipment pieces can work optimally.

Minimised Maintenance

Since downtimes are expected to diminish, the addition of automatic lubrication can likewise minimise the maintenance of mining equipment pieces. With constant lubrication of their components, the wear and tear of machines and tools can reduce significantly. The manual application of lubrication towards the machine components is likewise minimised, which can then help mining companies save tons of resources, especially time and money.

Regulated Consumption

Automatic lubrication works by constantly lubricating machine components during their operations. While lubrication is conducted regularly, the total amount of lubricant being utilised is regulated and distributed effectively. The working principles of automatic lubrication make sure that the machine components will not be flooded with lubricant. As the total amount of lubricant is regulated during its distribution, the costs of the oil or grease are expected to be controlled as well.

Reduced Safety Risks

One other benefit of maximising automatic lubrication is that it can reduce the safety risks among workers. Manual application of lubricant on the components of mining machines may require workers to access difficult areas. While some machines can be easily applied with lubricant, others require difficult disassembly that can risk the safety of workers. Automatic lubrication, on the other hand, does not require constant human contact. It does not likewise risk the lubricant from spilling on the floor.

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