Top 4 Benefits of Adding Automatic Lubrication to Your Screening Equipment

May 10, 2022

Most of the extracted raw materials from a mining site may possess unwanted particles. Unwanted elements may also bombard products that are needed by the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Without removing them, the quality of these things will certainly be compromised.

One piece of equipment that can help remove unwanted particles from these things is the screening equipment. A wide array of screening equipment pieces can be maximised by industries. Some of them are horizontal screens, dewatering screens, high-frequency screens, and grizzly screens. One common thing about these equipment pieces is they maximise screens to separate one material from another. They likewise rely on vibrating components to make the material separation possible.

Their performance, however, can be boosted by adding an automatic lubrication system. If you currently maximise screening equipment, here are some benefits of adding this system to your machine.

  1. Lessened Lubricant Consumption

One of the benefits of adding an automatic lubrication system to your screening equipment is that it can lessen lubricant consumption. What is great about automatic lubrication systems is they can regulate the release of lubricant to screening equipment pieces. Normally, they would provide small amounts of lubricants at a specific interval. The periodic release of lubricant forces the screening equipment to utilise it steadily. The manual application of lubricant cannot achieve minimal consumption since the screening equipment will just use all of it in just one go.

  1. Prolonged Equipment Service Life

Another benefit of adding automatic lubrication to your screening equipment is it can extend its service life. Lubrication is necessary for this type of equipment since it utilises many moving components. Failure to lubricate these parts will only lead to wear and deterioration. It can also damage the whole equipment. Adding an automatic lubrication system, alternatively, prolongs the service life of your screening equipment. The lubricant from this system can effectively prevent moving parts from scraping against each other. The system can likewise apply the lubricant at the right time and in the right location.

  1. Reduced Maintenance Expenses

The addition of an automatic lubrication system in your screening equipment does not only lessen lubricant usage and prolongs its service life, but it can also help reduce overall maintenance and upkeep expenses. Most parts of your screening equipment will not deteriorate quickly since the system has already greased them appropriately. And with fully functional screening equipment, you do not have to maintain it regularly anymore. The only thing that must be done for your equipment is to have it checked and inspected to mitigate any other issues that it may possess.

  1. Enhanced Workplace Environment

One more benefit of adding an automatic lubrication system to your screening equipment is it can enhance your workplace environment. Some of the existing processes in your business may already be harmful. If your screening equipment only utilises manual lubrication, your workers may have to climb just to access some of its parts. Doing this exposes them to fall hazards. Some lubricant products may likewise spill out, which can be a great source of slipping hazards. Integrating your equipment with an automatic lubrication system, on the other hand, prevents these things from happening.

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