May 30, 2014

With new technologies available today, manufacturing and shaping metals to meet the demand of affordable high quality mining equipments and parts, such as dewatering screens, are possible. What are dewatering screens, and what are they used for? You will find out what they are and how they are used in the mining process by continuing to read below.


Dewatering screens are an essential part of a modern mining process. Their application includes dewatering, degritting, scrubbing, washing and rinsing raw and processed materials. Producing a consistent drip-free product is what dewatering screens are designed to do, and they do it efficiently. Compared to a Fine Material Screw, specialized mining dewatering screens produce a 10% drier end product.

Variety of materials such as crushed aggregates, sand, frac sand, industrial sands, mineral gravel, hard rock, coal, iron ore, precious metals, salt and other types of granular materials can be efficiently processed utilizing dewatering screens. Dewatering material using screens is a basic procedure. Slurry, fluid mixed with pulverized mineral solids, is pumped or raised onto a steep upward incline containing dewatering screens. The purpose is to achieve rapid draining of moisture from the slurry mix.

As water begins to build in the valley, material is accumulated on the upward inclined surface; linear motion is created using counter rotating motors. The counter rotating motors drive the solid material uphill while liquid is allowed to drain through the dewatering screens. Discharged slurry is directed using a weir, which creates a deep bed of material that functions like a natural filtering medium. This allows further retention of finer grades of material than the opening of the dewatering screens allow.

What are dewatering screens? They are an essential part of the washing process, which efficiently liberates finer grades of material that are passed through them. Some of the benefits of using dewatering screens are listed below.


Dewatering screens are designed to require low maintenance, produce minimal noise and can be installed and operated with minimal training. Here are some of the other benefits of dewatering screens:

  • Ability to rinse and dewater
  • Ability to dewater multiple products
  • Consistency in producing drip-free discharge
  • Effective stockpile management with less water buildup around stockpiles
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Can be custom designed to meet specific requirements

If there is a need for greater control over the washing process, and cleaner materials are required, then dewatering screens are definitely worth considering.

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