December 11, 2015

Skid mounted crushing & screening plants are specialized modular products, processing units that ship fully assembled. A pre-fabricated cage of metal struts holds a primary and secondary set of crushing jaws, with both sets working in series to reduce mined rubble to a manageable form. The crushed aggregate stream then hustles across to the screening section of this low-profile plant for separation and grading.


Assembled in mining and quarrying facilities as a complete modular solution, skid mounted crushing & screening plants bolt together at the factory. They’re inspected and commissioned at the manufacturing work yard under expert supervision, before being dispatched for fast installation. The only major task now is to introduce an input conveyor so that the aggregate stream can begin feeding raw geological matter to the 2 or 3-stage processing engine. Speaking of which, the plant is fast to configure and can be employed in no time at all. Every component found in a standard crushing and screening setup is right there on the modular unit, although the parts are more compactly manufactured so as to enable simple erection and simpler deconstruction.


A major mining project requires months of preparation, including environmental studies and civil engineering work. Static buildings and monolithic machinery is about to be semi-permanently dropped into place, but skid mounted crushing & screening plants sidestep these intimidating engineering issues, doing so by offering a complete package on one already assembled skid. The crushing jaws are already fastened in place, and funneling feeders and hoppers are hooked into the system by engineering experts, a team of professional installers who have taken the liberty to assemble and test these parts within a controlled environment. The screens refine the output from the crushers, spitting out a graded and sorted stream of minerals or ore. In employing this smaller footprint, the machinery can deliver approximately 150 t0 300 tph (tons per hour) of geological commodities, and do so while dramatically reducing the start-up period generally associated with such high-end civil engineering projects.

  • Configures fast and spins into action faster, all without calling on advanced engineering skills
  • Reduces environmental risks
  • Simplified installation, erection and commissioning process
  • Suited for use in low resource applications or instances where a permanent mine is not a practical option

The ability to employ a complete service or product in such a speedy fashion is a powerful incentive for mining engineers. Cost effective to apply and less dependent on complex infrastructure needs, the all-in-one mining package employs grizzly feeders, crushers, motorized vibratory screens, and all the other components found in a standard mining operation, though everything is already pre-assembled and ready to hook-up.

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