June 16, 2014

This is something that can actually offer you control over the particle sizes, smoother surfacing and proper binding if you know how to use it. There are many different methods in which you can use a slurry screen, and it is about finding a technique that works for you. See, a vibrating screen is actually the lowest cost separation method on the market. With this being said it is obvious that over time it will pay for itself.

One could use a circulating vibrating machine for fine screening needs, or they may use a round vibrating screed depending on their needs. Capacity is reduced through slurry viscosity, particles similar in size and high solids. Even flow capacities can be reduced per square foot.

Slurry screens are very easy to install, and they can even be worked into a tight floor space or in spaces where headroom is limited. With adjustable screening through a slurry screen you get the most out of your workday with the minimal payout.

Weight pallets are used in the lower and upper ends connecting to the motion generating machine and then the motions in the screen are acting at odds with one another to really get the optimal output and precision. The speed is adjustable. Material is moved across the slurry screen and then on to the periphery. This is where the lower weights actually cause the machine to tilt and vibrate. Spiral and speed is set and maximum efficiency is met.

There are also rectangular slurry machines available offering you large volume work capacity. They are the supreme slurry screens offering maximum separation and positive sealing. They offer the universal motion and customization to meet your demands. They can also be interchanged with some other shaped screens like the circle screen.

Screen design is very important to the job that you need done. This will mean everything when it comes to maintenance and performance as well. When you have a design that permits screen interchanges it will minimize downtime and ultimately costs. That means a lot on the job site, because life happened. We do not want to go over budget when we don’t have to. Plus, these are safer, more efficient and more dependable options to get the job done at the end of the day.

Call a specialist and you can get any questions that you have answered. A slurry screed is a big investment, but it is a good one. So, why wait any longer?

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