Why do Businesses in the Extractive Industry Use Vibrating Screens?

March 25, 2022

To keep the supply of oil, coal, gold, and other minerals stable, the extractive industry has to conduct various processes regularly. Some of these processes are drilling, quarrying, and mining.

Since most of these minerals come from the ground, the industry is expected to screen them properly. The screening process helps the industry, especially in the mining, oil, and gas sectors, to obtain its needed minerals and materials. It also prevents debris, waste rock, and other excessive elements from being extracted and processed further.

One piece of equipment that can help in the screening process is the vibrating screen. A vibrating screen separates and classifies particles by size through vibrations. Here are some reasons why businesses in the extractive industry continue to use vibrating screens on their main processes.

Excellent Quality

One reason why vibrating screens are used by businesses in the extractive industry is they can guarantee excellent material quality. Vibrating screens are comprised of components that can separate fine particles from the oversized ones, ensuring that only the needed minerals will be attained. These components can even handle and process much smaller particles, which cannot be achieved by other screening equipment pieces.

Improved Efficiency

Screening equipment pieces can generally separate various elements based on their size. Not all, however, can remain efficient throughout their operations. A huge number of equipment pieces can only work optimally if their feed flow remains slow during their processes. Attempting to reach a high feed flow among these equipment pieces may only lead to screen blinding and backflow of materials. Vibrating screens, alternatively, can remain efficient all the time as they can handle a higher feed flow.

Less Downtimes

Another reason why vibrating screens are maximised by many businesses in the extractive industry is they do not fail regularly. Vibrating screens can still get damaged if handled wrongly. But when managed properly, businesses can fully maximise the service life of these equipment pieces. After all, vibrating screens have components that are not heavily affected by vibration forces. They are even made from materials that can absorb and dampen vibration, minimising downtimes and upkeep needs.

Low Energy Use

Businesses in the extractive industry use vibrating screens not only because of their screening quality, efficiency, and longevity but also because of their respectable energy use. Vibrating screens feature a design that is practical and straightforward. They even have low purchase costs compared to other screening equipment pieces. And since they do not maximise a lot of complex components, these equipment pieces only require minimal energy, making their overall operational costs low.

The features and benefits of vibrating screens have enticed other industries to utilise them. Some of these industries include agriculture, food, and pharmaceutical. To obtain vibrating screens for your operations, you can contact us at Hawk Machinery.

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