Working Principles of Hawk Machinery Vibrating Screens

November 6, 2020

Vibrating screens are deemed to be helpful for the quarry and mining industry. A vibrating screen is a type of equipment that can segregate and screen different types of solid or liquid materials. As the materials are segregated, the conserved ones are processed and sent to other equipment continuously and uniformly until they can now be sold or used for other industries or applications.

The quality of the vibrating screens can make or break the whole segregation process of materials. High-quality vibrating screens are known to be reliable and do not wear and tear easily. Additionally, they give off a strong vibration that can make the segregation process more efficient. Alternatively, low-quality vibrating screens have screening components that cannot segregate the materials appropriately. They may also consume more energy as they try to process materials beyond their recommended capacity.

Design of Hawk Machinery Vibrating Screens

We, at Hawk Machinery, offers vibrating screens that can work optimally and perform all necessary tasks on the field. Most of our vibrating screens boast components that can help them fulfill their functions.

Basically, our vibrating screens are comprised of a vibrating frame, motor, spring, bearing, lining board, and other components that can effectively perform segregation and screening processes. The whole vibrating frame is forced to receive the vibration from other components so that it can slide and throw the materials for the feeding process. Given this fact, our vibrating frames are normally fabricated out of durable materials. Other components of our vibrating screens are likewise made from long-lasting materials.

The screening elements of vibrating screens are the ones responsible for the feeding of materials. They can boast flat or slight curved surfaces depending on the characteristics of the products being poured into. Some screening elements can be made from metallic or nylon wire mesh, while others can be fabricated out of rubber or polyurethane rigid sheets. This essential component must be chosen based on the type of application, product properties, target particle size and shape, temperature, and other factors.

Hawk Machinery Vibrating Screens in Action

Apart from quarry and mining processes, other industries have also utilised the capabilities of vibrating screens. And as we recognise the higher screening efficiency of vibrating screens compared to others, we make sure that our products can work effectively and optimally.

Our products generally work by utilising the rotation of vibrator eccentric. This rotation will then produce a centrifugal force that will make other vibrating screen components perform continuous circular or near circle movement. As this happens, the materials that are being segregated on the screening elements remain to be subjected to throwing and jumping motion. These mentioned motions of the materials are a bid to force some of them to pass through the holes of the screening elements.

The processes involved in the vibrating screens must be done properly. Proper feeding of materials is essential so that they do not cause any vibrating screen issues or problems. Getting the correct size of the screening elements is a must to cater to the type of materials you intend to screen and segregate. Sizing and grading can all be done as long as the screens have suitable specifications.

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