Mining 101: All About Crushing

February 23, 2023

There have been 150 years of experience with crushing by machine. In the end, each piece of machinery is designed to do the same thing: to lower the size of rocks and, of course, to supply the market with products that might be as diverse as gravel for building or iron ore for the steel industry. Because of these various requirements, several kinds of crushers produce the best possible outcomes.

The Process of Crushing

The process of lowering the size of materials to prepare them for future processing is referred to as crushing. Industrial crushing equipment may be quite beneficial to a wide range of industries, in addition to being utilised in the chemical sector of the economy. These include, but are not limited to, mining, food processing, construction, and coal industries, as well as waste management and recycling.

The primary purpose of industrial crushers is to reduce the size of very big bits of material to a more manageable level. Smaller bits of the material makes it possible to carry it more easily, do further processing, and have a greater capacity to distinguish between the many components that make up the material.

The Reason Behind Crushing

Crushing on an industrial scale serves a great number of important uses. The waste goods are crushed to simplify the process of disposal and recycling. Wet materials, such as cement, might be crushed and used in construction and road building if desired. The chemical industry makes excellent use of crushing to reduce the size of tough materials such as coal and limestone.

There’s an unexpectedly large amount of wiggle room in many different things and materials that can be removed using a crusher. If there is a really large piece of material, it could be necessary to crush it so that it can be packaged more easily, stored more efficiently, or transported more quickly. Or perhaps a large piece of material to fit through the milling machine. It may need to be broken down in a commercial crusher before it can be used in other types of gear. For instance, the mined rock ore may be crushed into smaller pieces by a processing line at the mine before being further processed in a mill or grinder.

Available Crushing Equipment

In the pre-industrial age, crushers were often large stones operated by hand. The weight of the stone would assist in enhancing the user’s power. The oldest types of crushers included quarries and mortar & pestles.

Most of the time, modern crushing equipment will hold the material to be crushed between two solid surfaces perpendicular to one another. Have you ever seen a movie scene when two walls are closing in on each other and becoming closer and closer? It’s the same as that. When the solid surfaces are brought closer together, a significant amount of force must be exerted to fracture the material’s molecules and cause them to deform into the required shape. To prevent damaged equipment or cross-contamination, the molecular makeup of the machinery must be more resilient than the materials it is crushing.

When it comes to crushing materials, a wide variety of machinery may be utilised. The sort of material that needs to be crushed necessitates the utilisation of a certain crusher rather than another. Some crushing equipment is more suited for working with soft or medium-density materials, while other pieces of crushing equipment may be better suited for working with larger pieces of material.

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